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8 Ball Corner Pocket June 7, 2009

Just a little fun with the point & shoot camera this weekend at the pool hall in NC.

Thought I’d have some fun editing this photo…converted to a filmy BW with extra added grain.


A Hero May 25, 2009

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  ~Joseph Campbell

Take time out of your day today to remember the U.S. military men and women who have died while fighting for our country and also remember those who continue to fight for our freedom today.

Collected here are a handful of photographs for remembrance, acknowledging some of the men and women who have passed in conflicts from the U.S. Civil War through Iraq and Afghanistan today:

Happy Memorial Day



The Hardest Journey May 12, 2009

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping - Chinese Proverb

Click to view larger for more detail


All Around Town March 20, 2009

I’m sorry there hasn’t been a post in a couple days…that’s not like me at all.  I had this one “almost” ready for two days but never was able to finish it because I wasn’t feeling well for over a week.  I finally want to the doctor today and it’s a double ear infection and sinusitis!  Some girls have all the luck! I’m on antibiotics and hope to be feeling better in 24-48 hours!

You’ve been seeing bits and pieces of my day in Wilmington and today I will share a little bit more.

The day in Wilmington consisted of touring around downtown Wilmington near the Cape Fear River.

We had gorgeous 77 degree weather which made for the perfect day to walk along the Cape Fear River and see all of the sights.

While people waited for the Tall Ship Tour (The Peacemaker) we checked out the ship and the crowd.  I always enjoy candid photos like the following.

*Click the photos to view larger*

“A feather in your cap”

USS North Carolina

The Henrietta III

The trolley tour guide was so sweet.  He told us all about the Amish-raised horses and how wonderfully they are cared for and let us pet them for a while.  He even took our photo with the horses.  They were beautiful and had the softest fur ever.

Throughout the day we saw businesses and attractions in Wilmington’s Downtown Historic District that are frequently used as locations on one of my favorite “Teen Dramas” :)  One Tree Hill, including:  CD Alley (8 Market Street) is the CD store where Chris (Tyler Hilton) worked.

Port City Java-Downtown II (300 N. Front St.) stood in as Karen’s Café in the pilot episode. Once the series was picked up, crews built a designated set for Karen’s Café on the opposite corner of Grace Street at North Front Street. During season 6 the set for ‘Karen’s Cafe’ was removed and the space was transformed into the Clothes over Bros. set.

I put my camera lens up to the window and shot some of the Cloths over Bros set:

…and of course I posed in front of the “Karen’s Cafe” painting on the wall of the building that used to be the cafe and is now the store. :)

We didn’t get to eat at this restaurant but I wanted to. It overlooks the Cape Fear River and you get your own cute little private balcony

This building is for sale. It made me laugh when I saw that they had drawn fake store front items on it to make you use your imagination of what it could be!

I have more to share soon…once I have time to edit.

Right now I’m concentrating on the wedding I have tomorrow at the beach in NJ, then getting better, and then the wedding I have next Saturday in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Top O’ The Morning To Ya! March 16, 2009


This photo was taken last weekend in Wilmington, NC after their St. Patrick’s Day parade in town.

This guy was quite the character! :)


Hot Topic March 10, 2009

Last night I posted two article links  HERE regarding the fire I witnessed on Saturday afternoon on Sixth and Market Street in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It’s not often that I  have the opportunity to capture something of a photojournalistic nature such as this.  Tonight I’m posting my own experience of this event though my photos.

I’m very saddened for the family that had to go through this.  I can’t imagine something like this happening to me or my loved ones.  This house was under renovation which is so sad that so much time and energy went up in flames like this.  Wilmington is such a beautiful historic district… I hope that this house can be repaired.

To view the entire gallery of 157 photos click HERE.

It all started when I was taking a photo of a church…

I didn’t get past this first photo that you see above because in the next instant fire trucks were entering the 4 lane divided road facing the opposite of traffic.  I was slightly shocked and couldn’t understand why they were driving into on-coming traffic when the other 2 lanes on the other side of the median were open.  Seconds later I knew why as I looked over and saw the smoke coming from 3 or 4 houses to the right of where I was standing…


The Wilmington Fire department was immediately on the scene and “in action.”  All I can say is that it was so impressive watching these guys work!  I know I couldn’t run into a burning building/home for a living yet they do it without fear.   I give them a lot of respect for what they do!

Below are a selection that I chose to highlight the scene…more can be found in the gallery on my website by clicking HERE.

Paramedics were on the scene immediately as well…

Another photographer appeared on the scene…(and a fellow Nikon shooter!)

They tried to extinguish the flames inside the home but the tongue & groove ceilings in this old house made it very hard to get to.  They were unable to stop the fire that way so they used the tower unit to extinguish the fire from the outside.

It was quite an experience to watch the scene unfold.  This is something I’ve only scene on the news and not up close and personal like this.  I’m impressed with how the Wilmington Fire Department, Police Dept & EMS handled the scene. From what I witnessed they worked hard and should be commended for putting this fire out and protecting the house next to it.

To view the entire gallery of 157 photos click HERE.


House Fire in Wilmington, NC March 9, 2009

I just happened to be photographing a church near Sixth and Market Street during my visit to Wilmington, NC this Saturday when we stumbled upon a house fire that broke out before our eyes.

As a sneak peak here is are some articles showing the fire:

I’ll be posting photos soon on my website and on here on the blog from the fire.  I’ve never seen anything like it up close….

Stay tuned!


American Eagle 01 March 2, 2009


A Lil Bit O Sunshine February 27, 2009

I met Little “D” through my friend Jaime from college.  Jaime and I linked up though Facebook where she saw some of my work and asked me if I’d be willing to do portraits for her friends beautiful daughter.

For this session the clients came to my home studio for the session.  As soon as “D” arrived she filled my home room with sunshine.  She was the sweetest, smiliest little girl with big beautiful blue eyes!

Here are some of my favorite moments and smiles with”D.”

She loves dogs and got a kick out of my dog Lucas but seemed more enamored with my labrador welcome statue.  Since she loved it so much we let her play with it which made for some cute photos as she pet each of their heads. :)

I love how large the chair looks in comparison to her…and this really is a small arm chair!

I love the chair idea so much I brought in on of my kitchen chairs.  They’re really heavy wood chairs and I can’t get over how cute and tiny she looks in it!  Adorable!

She loved my wire shopping bag (we’re starting her love of shopping out in the early years!)

I had to include her love of going behind the back drop and popping out with a peek-a-boo .  So cute & so pleasant to work with!


Happy Valentines Day! February 13, 2009

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“Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.”

~Author Unknown

*** May your heart be filled with love today and everyday ***


Special thanks to Julie’s daughter Brianna who took these fun photos for us. :)


T’s First Birthday and THE CAKE! January 30, 2009

Below are some of the shots from T’s first birthday party that I shared a SNEAK PEEK from recently.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves in order of how they happened!! :)

It was quite fun watching the little guy with his very own cow cake!


Visiting… January 25, 2009

This afternoon I had a chance to visit with my friend and her 2 boys J & M.  I haven’t see them since the summer so it was great to catch up.

I had the chance to take candids of J a few times when he was younger but this was my first chance to get some of his little brother M.

M is a little wiggler so it was hard to get him to sit still for photos. :) I was testing using the 50mm (f1.4) on the D90 with no flash and ISO around 500-600 so being a bit more still is always helpful – LOL.  When we had good natural light coming through the windows I did really well with this set up.  With the D90 grain in the photos taken with higher ISO is barely noticeable.  I’m really thrilled with that!

I want to be able to take photos without flash in darker situations and I’m seriously contemplating purchasing the Nikon 24-70 2.8 lens after Mike Palmer raved about it and I did some research.  A lens like that might be the ticket to low light natural portraits as well as weddings & parties where you don’t want to use flash all the time.  I have to do a lot of contemplating before the 3 weddings I’m doing to decide about this purchase!

M was enjoying playing his own version of peek-a-boo at the front door with me:

Here is the “enthralled with the TV” look.

My heart just melted with this sweet smile and those big brown eyes!!

J’s blue eyes are gorgeous!  He wasn’t feeling well today so I only got a few photos of him.

I asked him if he wanted to take any more photos with me and he politely replied “no thank you.”  So sweet!

I love natural moments like this…

This is Guinness.  I love his ears!  They are so stinkin cute!

Every time he heard the beep from the camera he turned his head like this. LOL :)

I love the DOF of the 50mm 1.4.  I just wish this was more in focus…

Just like my dog Guinness was enjoying laying in the sun.


Ladies of the Civil War January 16, 2009

It’s been a while since I shared photos from the Civil War Reenactment my sister and I attended last April.  For tonight’s blog post I thought I’d mix things up from the usual and share more from the event (Additional photos I’ve posted previously can be seen HERE).  I had to put the editing of this even to the side when jobs started coming in.  I realized last night that I’m halfway done with them and it was time to share more.

This time I thought I’d focus on the “ladies of the civil war period” specifically.  Each woman put some much thought into their character and the details were impressive.



Coming Soon: Tyler’s First Birthday Bash & a Cake All to Himself! January 15, 2009

You may remember Tyler from his Fall portraits in the pumpkin patch (found here) around 9 months of age.

Now Tyler is ONE – how time flies!

The little guy had a cow cake all to himself so you can image what the fun you’ll be seeing soon!



“Serenity Now” January 5, 2009

La Jolla Cove

If you’ve never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame.  ~Adam Duritz, “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby,” performed by Counting Crows

Click to view larger

Click to view larger


San Diego Skyline from Coronnado January 3, 2009

I’m so excited that I got to stop with Heather and my friend Kyle to enjoy the SD skyline and capture this night cityscape!
I’ve yet to take the NYC skyline at night and I live only 45 minutes away – so haven’t this is a real treat!
Click to view larger

Click to view larger for more detail!



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