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Change July 27, 2009

It’s very unlike me to NOT have a blog post almost everyday so I thought I’d give a little update on what’s new.

The reason you’re accessing the blog through the address is that—-> COMING SOON to Jen Rinaldi Photography is a new FRESH FACE for the blog!  I’ve been working very hard on it and I’m very excited for the unveiling – SOON!

I’m moving this week into a new home so things will be quiet on my end for a bit as I disconnect my computer & pack up my things and head out!

It’s been a really long couple years for me and I’m happy to finally be moving on to better things!


Sadly, my last day at my Full Time job at Johnson & Johnson was this Friday.  I was at my operating company almost 8 years with almost 10 years of service in total.  It was really hard to leave but since I didn’t have a choice I just have to roll with it!  Unemployment here I come!! It gives me time to work more on my photography, take a little break from life, and then pound the pavement looking for my new career choice!

I’m going to miss all of the amazing friends I made over the years.  :(



After I move this week I will be taking some time to head to North Carolina and enjoy a little time off from the “working world.”  I can’t wait to go and enjoy some of my new found time off!

I’m still working diligently, every spare moment I have, on all of the sessions I have that are unfinished!

I also have some session that are completed that I haven’t been able to share with you on the blog yet.

Below are some of the sessions that are COMING SOON on the blog:

Baby “S” Newborn Session

Ken & Moira’s Wedding:

Terri & Donovan’s Engagement Session

Happy 3rd Birthday E!

Keep checking back!  :)


A Great Family + A Great Location = An Amazing Result | New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer July 6, 2009

What do you get when you mix a fantastic family, an awesome location, and a beautiful day?

You get a most perfect mix of ingredients to create an amazing set of portraits!

I couldn’t have asked for more than my two favorite things:  Family portrait shoots and an amazing location like Princeton University to take the photos.

With it’s amazing architecture, rich with history, Princeton University made for a perfect unique backdrop for family portraits on this lovely May day!

Thank you to the “S. Family” so being so flexible to trying different poses and being so pleasant to work with!  We loved working with you!


The “G Family” Full of Smiles | NJ Family Portrait Photographer June 25, 2009

All the waiting has come to an end!

Below are the results of my family portrait session with one of the best families around!

Just to refresh your memory of the teaser I posted on 6/1 regarding the shoot:

“I must say that this is one of the best families around…and I’m not just saying that because Lee has been one of my greatest friends since High School.  :) Lee and his brother Scott decided to purchase a portrait session with me as an anniversary gift to their parents.  I was so excited to do it!  We met close to sunset at his parent’s house which is in a beautiful community that had a nice lake and gazebo as well as a great lake view from their backyard to work with.  We even included the doggies (you’ll see!).

Lee’s family was so wonderful to work with.  I laughed the entire time we were involved in the shoot (especially at his Dad’s jokes!!) and had a great evening as I joined them for the 2nd evening of their Passover celebration.  I tried Brisket for the first time and had 2nd a helping because it was sooo good!

Thanks to all of you for making me feel like part of the family!!”


A little fun with sun-flare!

Love these two!!

The pups minus one back in Florida!

How could you NOT love this family??

So sweet! :)


The “P Family” at Thompson Park | Central NJ Family Portrait Photographer June 23, 2009

This family of 6 was a really fantastic session for me.  I’ve known Dad, Joey, since grammar school and I hadn’t seen him in ten years since our 10 year grammar school reunion.

Joey’s wife Erica and I connected over Facebook and when she saw I was a photographer she asked me to do a session with her and her family and I was thrilled to.  Getting to meet their wonderful family was a great and we had such a wonderful session!  With Chris assisting me on the shoot that day – I ended up with the most wonderful set of family photos that I think the family will treasure for all time.

If you remember I featured an HDR-inspired photo of Lil Man “D” on the blog a while back as a teaser:

I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites because with 6 family members I got such a variety of “mini sessions” within the session.  I hope you love them as much as I do and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what I’ve shared.

Each photo can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Please do so – so that you don’t miss the details!  :)




























And a little fun – with the 3 cutest lil gals!



Thank You June 21, 2009

First, I just wanted to thank Chris for a great vacation week.  Although it wasn’t Mexico like it was supposed to be, thanks to the swine, it was still a fun-filled week.  We did so much together and I enjoyed every second of it.  From going out dancing, to relaxing at the beach in Point Pleasant, touring around Atlantic City, to a great lunch & riding the train in New Hope, we were on the move with the T-Tops off my Dad’s Firebird.  It was a perfect vacation!

I really am so thankful for all of the help dismantling my home in order to prepare for my big move.  I appreciate the help more than I can ever express in words.  :)

And now for some photos!  I took these a while back and finally had the chance to post them.  I love the first one taken with natural light through a large window in my home.  I love his eyes and his smile in this photo.  So warm. :)

The next 8 were taken in my backyard in April.  Before he deploys I wanted to have some nice photos of him and some of us.  He was such a great model – never complained once!  :)  This one looks like it’s straight out of an American Eagle advertisement, if I do say so myself!  :)

See…I got a smile!

I couldn’t resist setting up the tripod for a few of the two us!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one too!

Lots of big smiles all around here!

The next one was taken with all natural light coming through a window in Chris’ home.  I love natural light and would like to do more portraits this way.

I love the serious look of this one.

These were taken in Chris’ front yard the last time I was in NC.  We finally had a break in the rainy weekend and I was itching to get some photos in that day so Chris was a willing model, again!  :)  Love this smile!

The highlights are a little blown here and I’m thinking it was the 50mm.  It seems to let so much light in that sometimes it seems I can’t avoid this happening on a sunny day.  I love this photo of my two special guys!


* Sisters * June 10, 2009

Mother’s Day recently passed and this year we wanted something special for Mom.

I asked my sister to come over my house so we could do a portrait shoot of the two of us so that I could get one blown up into an 11×14 canvas from Canvas on Demand.  I set up the tripod with the 50mm lens on the camera, grabbed the remote shutter release, and we headed out to the backyard for our shoot.

This was the final choice for the canvas and I just adore it!

While we were out there snapping away we decided to do some individual portraits for mom as well.

I printed as 8×10’s and she hung them with the canvas in her house.

Our pups were with us in the yard so we had them join us for individual portraits and a group portrait of the 4 of us!

You can’t get any cuter that these pups!!


Michelle & JR ~ Married! June 9, 2009

Michelle and I have known each other since we were in grammar school and after about 28 years we’re still great friends.  When she told me she was getting married and wanted me to be her photographer for the wedding I was truly honored!  We made the trip to Myrtle Beach early in the morning on the day of the wedding and I spent the entire day documenting her wedding day from hair & make up until everyone left with the exception of a few of her and JR’s close friends.

I love so many of the photos so it was very hard for me to narrow down what to post on the blog.  I decided to show snippets of the day starting with “getting ready” below:

All of the “details” Michelle chose were beautiful!

I have ALWAYS wanted to try the photo below and Michelle & JR’s wedding gave me the perfect venue to try it.  They had their ceremony and reception at a restaurant called “The Library” and it was filled with books for me to choose from to give this a whirl.  I love the result!

Before the ceremony I had the opportunity to photograph bridal portraits for Michelle and I’m so glad we had the opportunity!

I loved that I got to catch her heading to the reception up the busy Myrtle Beach street.  The series of photos is so fun.  As Michelle gets closer to the restaurant you see the guys working on the right stop and turn…I guess they never expected to see a bride walking down the street past them while they were working.

The ceremony was so special.  Michelle & JR wrote their own vows and JR’s father officiated the ceremony!!

I figured a texture with “writing” was appropriate for at least one photo since they wedding was at “The Library.” :)


Their first dance was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The went for dance lesssons prior to the wedding and didn’t tell anyone in their family so it would be a huge surprise.  The dance was such a hit!!

The spin on their wedding “cake” was so unique!  They decided on cupcakes matching the wedding theme color – pink!

Dangerous on the dance floor!

A tender moment as the night wound down…

…And here is the group that ended the night closing the place down after our own mini dance party!

We had such a great time!

And last but not least…the Photographer & her fantastic assistant!

:) Thank you so much Chris – you were amazing to work with!  :)


Coming Soon: The “G” Family! June 1, 2009

I must say that this is one of the best families around…and I’m not just saying that because Lee has been one of my greatest friends since High School.  :) Lee and his brother Scott decided to purchase a portrait session with me as an anniversary gift to their parents.  I was so excited to do it!  We met close to sunset at his parent’s house which is in a beautiful community that had a nice lake and gazebo as well as a great lake view from their backyard to work with.  We even included the doggies (you’ll see!).

Lee’s family was so wonderful to work with.  I laughed the entire time we were involved in the shoot (especially at his Dad’s jokes!!) and had a great evening as I joined them for the 2nd evening of their Passover celebration.  I tried Brisket for the first time and had 2nd a helping because it was sooo good!

Thanks to all of you for making me feel like part of the family!!


Dina + Alex = Married! April 23, 2009

Spring Lake, New Jersey – The Mill:

You recently saw the SNEAK PEEK of Dina & Alex’s wedding and after working on the photos for the past few weeks I finished last night!

I was so excited to share the photos today and hear their thoughts.

I really enjoyed spending the day with Dina and Alex with the help of my lovely friend and assistant for the day – Guitree (Thanks G!!).

*PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Click on the photos to view them larger*

We started the day at the salon:

Then we went back to the hotel so Dina could get her make-up done and get dressed.

I couldn’t decide which I loved most for the RING shots.

I think my favorite is the one featured below but I wanted to share the others too:



Alex was a great sport about posing for his “getting ready” shots.

I always love the “detail” shots so you can remember every special thing about the day!

Dina’s sister, Ilene, helping Dina get ready for the big moment!

Alex patiently waits for Dina to be ready…

A lil sun flare as we headed off to the Spring Lake Beach.

Dina and Alex’s dog Keena is an important part of their life and Alex’s and brother in law made it possible to include Keena in a few photos of their special day.

She was so well-behaved and had so many different expressions in the photos I took of her that it made me smile and think about my own buddy, Lucas, and how important he is to me.

I love this moment with “the family.”

I loved how the wind was blowing the veil.



I can’t get enough of this moment!

Look at how he’s looking at her!

We arrived at The Mill…

The ceremony…

I took a chance here getting a silhouette with the wide angle lens.  It turned out how I had hoped!

You can’t beat the sun flaring through the huge windows behind them making this photo possible!

A few quiet moments before we headed into the reception.

Check out the cake topper!  Keena!

First Dance goodness.

Sweeter than sugar!

And the lovely friend who put Dina and I together, Ilene, my sorority sister from my days at Rider University.

Thanks Ilene for connecting us!

A beautiful end to a beautiful night!


Councilman Charles J. Spicuzzo

Back in January I photographed headshots for my old friend Charlie. 

Charlie and I went to grammar school together at good ol Immaculate Conception School (ICS).  We linked up on Facebook and when he noticed I was a photographer he asked if I would do headshots for him. 

He is a Councilman in Spotswood, NJ (where he grew up) and needed photos for his website (which is under construction) and for future campaign literature, etc.

I was happy to do the headshots for him and it was nice catching up with him after all of these years.  We had a lot of laughs and the session went really well.

*Special thanks to Mike Palmer for advice before I did this session.

NOTE: WordPress is cutting the photos off on the right side so be aware that these are not the crops of the photos.







Love Is Just a Word Until Someone Comes Along and Gives it Meaning April 14, 2009

I met with Katy & Geoff back in March for a Couples Lifestyle Portrait Session.

Katy and I work for the same company and the portrait session was a surprise for Geoff for his birthday although he admitted that he figured out what Katy was up to on the way to park. :)

We met at Duke Island Park and although it was a chilly, overcast, March day you wouldn’t know it by looking at the photos of Katy & Geoff.  As cliché as it sounds they warmed up the park with their love for each other and it made me so happy for them.  I’m jealous…I want a session like this done for me!  They were so easy to direct for this session and I hardly had to tell them what to do!

I picked my top 20 photos from the session.  It’s a set of photos I’m really, really proud of (not that I’m not proud of all of my work!!).  The editing of this session really flowed for me and I love the processing I went with on some many of them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Please do me a favor and click on each photo to view the photos larger (especially on the textured/treated photos to see the detail work)*






















Introducing Emmy Award Winner: Lee Grossman April 12, 2009

I got the most amazing news recently…My friend Lee is the proud winner of an Emmy award!

You may remember Lee from my Deep Thoughts Series a while back.

I photographed his family and at the end of the session and I had the opportunity to do some fun photos with him.  We took them all after the sun set using one of my lights with the umbrella.  Lots of fun!

The photo processing I did on this was just for fun.  I ran the photo through Redynamix to pop the brightness but on my brighter monitor I see crazy light spots and on my other monitor I don’t.  I decided to add the lighting effect for fun…Lee loved it and immediately added it as his Facebook profile photo. :)


Sneak Peek – K & G March 22, 2009

I can’t wait to share more of K&G’s session!

Their love really shined in the 2 hours I spent with them last weekend…


You Light Up My Life March 12, 2009

You saw the sneak peak of baby “E” so now I present you some of my favorites from the session.

But before you meet baby “E” – meet his Mom (Tara) and Dad (Bryan) who met on the online dating website JDate.

Click HERE to see a recent JDate video that Tara and Bryan were featured in to promote the website and it’s success.  When you get there click on the 2nd video titled “We weren’t Interested.”

E’s mom and I went to college together and when she mentioned she was having her first baby I immediately told her that I wanted to photograph the baby’s newborn photos.  She agreed and she waited 9 long months for her baby boy to be born and I waited 9 long months to take his photos!

I was so excited for the opportunity sine this was the youngest newborn I photographed to date! He was born January 25th and we did the session on February 7th – 2 weeks later.

*Click to view larger*

Tara and Bryan had lots of great things around the house to use as props and Bryan was so good with ideas that I told him I was going to take him with me to my jobs!

This is my favorite photo from the session of Mommy & Baby.  Tara’s eyes are so beautiful – especially in this photo!

Dad brought his guitar out for some fun Rockin’ Baby Photos!

This one makes me laugh because it looks like he is dancing to music.

For this edit I wanted it to look like he was dreaming about music.

I added this texture to give this photo the same feel as the one above.

What a beautiful couple blessed with such a beautiful baby!

Love those little tootsies!

E’s parents own a custom lampshade and lighting store – Tara Shawn Designs.

In honor of that we took some photos of “E” with some of the lampshades from the store.

This one was just for a giggle.

*The little shade hate was propped on the edge of the large lampshade…no harm was done to “E” in the making of this photo. LOL :)


Happy Valentines Day! February 13, 2009

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“Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.”

~Author Unknown

*** May your heart be filled with love today and everyday ***


Special thanks to Julie’s daughter Brianna who took these fun photos for us. :)


OSBP @ Newport Beach February 12, 2009

During my trip to California to visit Heather of One Shot Beyond Photography we had the pleasure of spending a couple hours at Newport Beach for a portrait shoot of one another.  We stayed there until sunset enjoying the most beautiful weather along with lots of laughter as each tried our best to pose for the camera.

Obviously photographers are used to being BEHIND the camera so when we get in front of the lens it’s always laughter and giggles as we try to feel comfortable as “models.”  Modeling isn’t as easy as it looks but Heather made it look easy!  Don’t you just love her beautiful brown eyes?   :)

*All of the photos below can be clicked on to view larger*



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