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NYCityscapes July 29, 2009

Mike Palmer was in NYC this week so I made the trip to meet up with him for our very own photo walk around the city.  We intended to take a class at B&H Photo but when we got there we decided to “ditch class” (Shssssh!  Don’t tell Mom I skipped school!) and instead we shop around B&H.  I had to control myself from walking out with a new lens and instead settled for a very small purchase of an SD card holder.  :)

We did a lot of sightseeing, stopped in Times Square and had lunch at Hard Rock, then headed over to the International Center for Photography for the Avedon Fashion Photography exhibit (amazing work!).  We ended the day wandering around Central Park.  Despite the sweltering heat I had a great time!!  Thanks Mike!

I edited all of the photos from today but I’m going to break up the posts throughout the week while I’m busy moving out, moving in and unpacking.  After tomorrow I won’t have internet until Saturday (if I even have my computer set up by then!)  Then Monday I’m off to NC so I’ll be pre-setting up some blog posts of our visit to NYC so stop back for more!

And a good ‘ol cell phone pic!  (Just ignore my sweaty red face…it felt like it was 110 degrees!!)


Emmy Award Winner Lee Grossman | New Jersey Photographer to the Stars! lol!!! July 9, 2009

The 52nd Annual New York Emmy® Awards Gala
was held on Sunday, March 29, 2009
at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York, NY

And the Emmy for “PROMOTION: News Promo” went to:

Winter and Spring Weather Facts - December 15, 2007. (WCBS-TV). Bruce E. Brauer, Creative Services Director; Lee E. Grossman, Writer/Executive Producer; Jon Paul LoMonaco, Design Director; Lonnie Quinn, Weather Anchor.


Mellow Yellow April 24, 2009

It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend…I’m excited for the good weather as I head down to North Carolina for few days!

I hope to get some fun photos from the trip.

Enjoy the “sunny” macros below and enjoy your weekend!


Jen-Jen Has Been Under The Weather April 8, 2009

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“Jen will return to her regularly scheduled blogging as soon as she feels better.”

Unfortunately I went from having the most enjoyable Saturday to having the worst Sunday EVER because I got sick AGAIN.

I hate not blogging because I love it but I need to get better first so I can tackle the things I love and enjoy in good health.

I wish you all a good day.


Hot Topic March 10, 2009

Last night I posted two article links  HERE regarding the fire I witnessed on Saturday afternoon on Sixth and Market Street in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It’s not often that I  have the opportunity to capture something of a photojournalistic nature such as this.  Tonight I’m posting my own experience of this event though my photos.

I’m very saddened for the family that had to go through this.  I can’t imagine something like this happening to me or my loved ones.  This house was under renovation which is so sad that so much time and energy went up in flames like this.  Wilmington is such a beautiful historic district… I hope that this house can be repaired.

To view the entire gallery of 157 photos click HERE.

It all started when I was taking a photo of a church…

I didn’t get past this first photo that you see above because in the next instant fire trucks were entering the 4 lane divided road facing the opposite of traffic.  I was slightly shocked and couldn’t understand why they were driving into on-coming traffic when the other 2 lanes on the other side of the median were open.  Seconds later I knew why as I looked over and saw the smoke coming from 3 or 4 houses to the right of where I was standing…


The Wilmington Fire department was immediately on the scene and “in action.”  All I can say is that it was so impressive watching these guys work!  I know I couldn’t run into a burning building/home for a living yet they do it without fear.   I give them a lot of respect for what they do!

Below are a selection that I chose to highlight the scene…more can be found in the gallery on my website by clicking HERE.

Paramedics were on the scene immediately as well…

Another photographer appeared on the scene…(and a fellow Nikon shooter!)

They tried to extinguish the flames inside the home but the tongue & groove ceilings in this old house made it very hard to get to.  They were unable to stop the fire that way so they used the tower unit to extinguish the fire from the outside.

It was quite an experience to watch the scene unfold.  This is something I’ve only scene on the news and not up close and personal like this.  I’m impressed with how the Wilmington Fire Department, Police Dept & EMS handled the scene. From what I witnessed they worked hard and should be commended for putting this fire out and protecting the house next to it.

To view the entire gallery of 157 photos click HERE.


California…Here I Am December 20, 2008

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After quite the traveling experience of canceled flights (because of the impending snow), hours on the phone with Continental trying to find another way of getting to California, leaving for the airport at 345am (without going to sleep before heading to the airport), riding on “mini-me” plane (which scared the heck out of me)…


…connecting flights in Atlanta (have you seen how HUGE that airport is??), a completely full plane where I got stuck with a middle seat (when all I wanted to do sleep)…


…to finally reaching my destination at the John Wayne airport in Orange County, California!!


…and finally meeting my friend Heather (of after 2 years of being friends!


I had my very first IN & OUT burger (yum!)…



…and visited Heather’s neighbor’s amazingly decorated house for Christmas…complete with music and light shows!


Tomorrow we will be heading to LA so that should be a great first time experience for me.  I’m so looking forward to it!!


Reserve Your 2009 Date Now! December 11, 2008

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Reserve your 2009 Date NOW!

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The Seasons Come Full Turn and Pass November 16, 2008

“Leaves drift softly earthward toward the grass
Spring and summer blend from green to gold
And so the seasons come full turn and pass
Day follows day and each of us grows old.

Somewhere there is a bright new shining day
And as these seasons pace and turn
We will live in joy complete and never say
That for younger days our hearts still yearn.”
-   Corby Magnuson, The Measure of Leaves

I have such a fond appreciation for nature ever since I became very serious about my photography passion and I see things with such open eyes now.  I don’t know how I was viewing the world before but I know I wasn’t seeing it the way I do now.

During my lunch break on this beautiful day in October I laid on the grass under the trees and stared up at the most gorgeous colors against the bluest sky.

I stared up at the trees thinking about my life; soaking in all of the colors of fall in peace without a care in the world.

I kept the camera pointed towards the sky praying the wind would shake the leaves loose so that I could capture them floating down above me in mid flight…but my attempts were futile.  They’d blow the wrong way or they’d fall so fast that I wasn’t ready with the camera.

Despite not fully achieving the vision I had hoped for I still got to enjoy the beautiful view and lay there contemplating life for a while before heading back to work.

Taken with the Tokina 12-24 (wide angle is awesome):

Click to view larger

Click to view larger


Coming Soon: Author, Nancy Marino November 12, 2008

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Nancy Marino, referred to me through her niece Andrea, who is a friend from High School that I connected with on Facebook.

Nancy (or “Nan” for short) is being published for the first time and she needed photographs taken for various online publications.  Her book entitled:  Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me is a Spring/Summer 2009 release from Roaring Books Press/MacMillan.

You can see her book’s Sneak Peek on this page:

I never met Nan before that day, in the park, but within 5 minutes of working with her I felt like I knew her forever.  Jo Ann and I took an instant liking to Nan, who isn’t a big fan of having her photo taken, and hadn’t had her photo taken for many years.  Once I heard this it was my goal to make her feel comfortable and to highlight her personality and beauty through my work.

Jo Ann and I helped Nan decided on wardrobe changes, jewelry choices and made her feel as comfortable as possible.  I think we achieved our goal when Nan told me, after the session, that she felt like she had spent the day with friends rather than having her photos taken by someone she never met before.  That made my heart sing since that was my goal (besides beautiful photos :) )

Nan is one of the most wonderful people I have been able to work with so far and I enjoyed my time with her as well.

As soon as I edit all of Nan’s top picks and my top picks I will do a full scale blog post of our session!

Nan, I wish much success to you on your first published book!  I’ll be sure to promote your work here on my blog!  I’m very proud to be your photographer and so happy you love the results of our session!  You are an inspiration to Jo Ann & I.  Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us!


Engagement Shoot Today with Amy & Ed October 11, 2008

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Today I will be visiting the hallowed halls of Princeton University (one of my TOP favorite places to photograph…the architecture is amazing) for an engagement shoot with my dear friends Amy & Ed.

I hope to make the most of beautiful places such as the one you see below for the shoot!  I am so excited about it that I can’t wait for 2pm!

This is what photography is all about for me.  The enthusiasm of researching, planning & discussing the shoot with the clients, the building anticipation as you wait for the day of the shoot to come and then fun of the day finally arriving…and me being able to exercise my creativity.

I love what I do :)


Book Your 2008 Session Now! October 1, 2008

Dates are limited for 2008 photo sessions so be sure to book now!

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One Fall Day August 16, 2008

October 21, 2007

I’ve been trying to go through folders and folders of photos I never had a chance to finish editing (some go back to early 2007 believe it or not).  As I look through them I saw my taste and skill level significantly changed and some photos that appealed to me back longer do.

I opened up a folder from October 21, 2007 that I had mostly edited a majority of the photos, within, and decided that I would go through it one more time.  I wanted to see if anything else was worthy of being worked on and then consider that folder “case closed.”

As I was quickly flipping through the photos in the folder I came across the photo below (and almost passed it right by) and something made me go back to it.  If you saw the original you’d probably have passed it right by too because it really looked kind of bad.

Something told me that I might be able to make something out of the photo that I would really love.  I think it was the way the trees lined up in the composition that caught my eye and the fence line in the distance to the right.

I spent about 30 minutes editing the photo, experimenting the whole time and in the end this is what I came up with. I’m happy I didn’t pass this photo by as junk because I’m so pleased with how I was able to transform it from the *original.

*I was going to show the original but it’s VERY VERY bad…so I squashed that idea quickly.  Instead I leave you with just the finished project:

(click to view larger)


Friday Afternoon With Mom August 9, 2008

My mom and I had off from work yesterday so we decided to spend a couple hours in the afternoon in Princeton, NJ.  Princeton is such a great college town with so many restaurants, stores, places to sit and relax, statues & monuments, and if you have a few hours to kill you can walk around the historic campus of Princeton University.  I spend a lot of time photographing the architecture at Princeton (some photos can be seen HERE)…so many great subjects for HDRs!!

Mom and I decided to have lunch at Theresa’s Cafe Italiano.  We got a window seat and shared Margherita Pizza and mixed green salads.  YUM!

After lunch we decided to take a walk around town until our meter money ran out. :)

Mom posed for this photo…

…and then she took my photo.  Good job mom!!

Then we walked around Palmer Square which is a stylish collection of shops, restaurants, offices, and residences surrounding the Town Green and the historic Nassau Inn.

“Rest Traveller, Rest, and Banish Thoughts of Care; Drink to Thy Friends and Recommend Them Here.”- This quote was drawn from an old English inn near Oxford, and dates back to 1937, when Nassau Inn was rebuilt on Palmer Square.

The Yankee Doodle Tap Room is a historic NJ restaurant connected to the Nassau Inn and has a unique pub atmosphere.  The restaurant was named for Yankee Doodle after Norman Rockwell painted a thirteen-foot mural about the historic figure for Nassau Inn in 1937. Today, this piece of American art history continues to hang behind the bar in the Tap Room.  To view the painting click HERE.

Nassau Square which was bustling with people for a Friday afternoon.  I got a kick out of this woman trying to manage 4 dogs.

It looks like this girl needed a break from her high heels for a few minutes! :)  Her chocolate lab was so well behaved!  I wish my lab would be so calm out in a public place with so many people around!

I was surprised to see how many flowers there were in the town square.  I snapped a few here and there as we walked around.

Sometimes I think flower photos can lack pizazz (ha! did I really say “pizazz?” where do I get these words?!?!)  so I decided to add my own bit of magic to these hydrangeas.  I added a texture just to give it a different feel and I’m enjoying the final result.

Window shopping at all of the stores is fun.  They all have such nice displays.

I love all of the store fronts around Princeton and the architecture in the town is great too!

This might be a new favorite textured flower photo!  Oooooooh!  I love the antique look the texture gave it.

This was my favorite restaurant back in college – Winberie’s.  Our school was so close to Princeton that we spent a lot of time there.

If you look really close (bottom left of the window) you’ll see that Albert Einstein was dining there yesterday.

‘Al’‘ (we’re old pals so I an call him that) held his drink up when I waved to him. LOL :D

Part II of our adventure (where I dragged mom along with my on a “drive by shooting”) can be seen on Monday night/Tues morning.  I’ll know you’re all be waiting with anticipation!

Have a great weekend!


Before The Coffee August 3, 2008

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If you haven’t seen Ferrell’s work at please stop what you are doing and get yourself over there now.

Also take a look at his flickr streamIt blows me away!

His book on HDR can be purchased HERE.  

Thanks Mike for posting his link on your blog!


Comment tool is not being nice today July 21, 2008

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A couple blog friends mentioned that my comment area was giving them trouble and their comments weren’t going through on my latest “Jo Ann @ the Colonnade” post. 

If you left a comment and it didn’t appear would you mind trying again?  I’m really excited about the shoot and I’m interested in hearing your comments.

Thanks friends! :)



The Church – Tara and Adam July 1, 2008

Here are some wedding pics that I’ve gotten through.

Previous posts with photos from this wedding found HERE & HERE.

The bride waits to go into the church…

Adam waits for Tara inside the church…

Tara’s brothers and nephews:

Mom greets Tara by the limo:

Tara arrives in the church lobby:

Daddy looks more nervous then Tara. :)

Yup..I was always behind the professional!

Taken with the Tokina 12-24, handheld, no flash, some super high ISO (LOL):



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