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I’m Crazy About Faux IR Photos! August 14, 2007

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Well, it looks like I’ve found a new photo editing obsession —> Faux IR’s (Infrared) conversions!

I found a tutorial a while back while doing a Google search and only tried it once but last night I decided to start using the tutorial again.

The shots I did in last night’s post (below) came out great with the Faux IR conversions so I decided to go crazy and scour through all of my photos and convert the heck out of them! LOL!!

To see the madness go to my Faux IR Gallery on my webpage:

I think the results are awesome and now when I spot a photo of mine that I think has good IR potential I’ll be sure to do an extra conversion of it for the Faux IR gallery!


One Response to “I’m Crazy About Faux IR Photos!”

  1. Alex Macks Says:


    Didn’t know you had a blog! I used to blog like mad, had a Livejournal account, it probably still exists actually haha

    You’ve totes got me hooked on this IR stuff! The problem is only shots taken on my new cam seem to hold up in IR, the older stuff on the 3mp cam go super grainy, but soon, sooon I shall go IR crazy!

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