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New Jersey Diners August 16, 2007

After photographing an abandoned New Jersey Diner on Route 22 today I realized that I’d love to photograph more of them.

I googled New Jersey Diners and found 2 sites which highlight Central & North Jersey diners as well as a link highlighting a book all about New Jersey diners:

Many of them are very retro & shiny looking and would make for great photography. Now I have another photo op to be on the look out for…LOL (like I needed another thing to be obsessed with hunting down for photography!!)

Here are a couple from today’s shoot:


4 Responses to “New Jersey Diners”

  1. staff Says:

    A reader of our blog sent us a link to your blog. Which diner is this?

  2. Lou Reeves Says:

    I have been photographing NJ diners and found this one as well, along with the Branchburg Diner, also shut down, just down the road.
    Some of my finds can be found at
    as well as at
    To date, I’ve found 6 abandoned NJ diners and know of about 3 more that I will be photographing in the next few weeks.

  3. dinerman Says:

    Great pictures. The rust on the neon adds such interesting texture. It’s amazing how fast places can be reclaimed.

  4. kerem Says:

    do you know anythıng abaut jersey dıner ın berlın on whıte hors pıke?ıf u know ıs ıt good dıner?

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