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Played with Panorama Today August 31, 2007

Wasn’t insprired at all while driving home from work for any photographic opportunities (I couldn’t think of anywhere different to photograph).

So, I went home and set up the tripod to try out taking shots for a panoramic stitching.

I didn’t have any kind of “breathtaking” scene so I just took a 360 degree view of my back yard.

This is how the panoramic stiching of about 10 photos came out in Photoshop CS3. Click on the image to view it a little larger (I saved it at 3 feet wide so this sample doesn’t give it much justice)….

After this exercise I’m excited to try this out with a beautiful scene. If I create enough of them I’m thinking of making a “panoramic” section on my website.

I also worked on converting a few photos to Faux IR (infrared) again (I love this technique!) These are 2 favorites that I converted:

This is my “creep-ified cornfield”:

If you’d like to see more of my Faux (fake) IR conversions click HERE. If you like this kind of photo editing there are many more conversions on the site that that you might enjoy!


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