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Just Editing October 31, 2007

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Editing!!! What else is new? LOL! Editing could be a full time job for me!
I’m working on the portraits I took a couple weekends ago and I think I’m almost halfway done.

2 of my absolute favorite shots from the shoot:

I’ve been thinking that I might stop at the craft store soon (hopefully this weekend) to try to find some black fabric to experiment with for a backdrop for portraits and also for a backdrop for macro shots.

My hubby said that he’d get me the macro lens that I want for my birthday/Christmas so I’m already looking forward to using it and learning how to take good macros.

I guess I’ll have to start learning how to light macro subjects as well….always something new to research but not enough time…but having to wait until December for a new toy will be tough!


Fall Colors on the Canal October 30, 2007

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I passed by a new section of the canal I found when I tried an alternate way home and I found some great fall colors in shades of oranges and yellows. The weather was pretty bad last week when I found it or I didn’t remember my camera so today when I left for work I made sure I had the camera with me.

Then I purposely prepared to leave right on time today to make sure I made it to that area of the canal (which is at the end of my drive) so that I’d have enough time before the sunset.

Well I rushed there (left 5 mins later than I wanted to) and by the time I got there it was pretty dark and the sun was setting. The tall trees blocked the little sun that was left but I tired my best to get salvagable images out of what I saw.

Now that it’s getting darker and darker each day I won’t have these lovely after work photography times like I’ve enjoyed from April through the present. So, I wanted to squeeze every last moment in that I could getting these fall colors.

No, it’s not upside down…it’s the reflection in the canal:

I guess when it gets too dark to take photos after work it will force me to get more of my editing done (which is a positive thing) or it will force me to try indoor photography with things like macros, etc. For my birthday/Christmas I have my sights set on a new macro lens Nikon Telephoto AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR (Vibration Reduction) Autofocus Lens:


New Jersey’s Pine Barrens October 28, 2007

Today’s photo journey brought my sister and I to an area know as the “pine barrens” of New Jersey.

The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands, is a heavily forested area covering 1.1 million acres of coastal plain across southern and central New Jersey. The name “pine barrens” refers to the area’s sandy, acidic, nutrient-poor soil, which didn’t take well to the crops originally imported by European settlers.

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We stopped at the Mullica River but the sun battled us most if the time today…made the sky look “white” or “blown out” in many photos. We also stopped at various bodies of water that we’d find on the side of the road.

I was on the look out for nature shots of all kinds…

My sister and I met this guy and his pup on the side of the road today where we were taking pictures. He stopped to see what we were photographing and thought maybe we spotted some eagles since they were known to be in the area we were photographing.

I loved the box had had attached to his motorcycle so that he could travel around with his dog…I just had to ask him if I could take their picture.

Funny thing was an hour or so later we stopped at a diner for dinner he was sitting and eating at the counter. We didn’t recognize him but he turned around and said “hey! it’s the photographer girls.” It really is a small world to run into the same guy again…maybe he thought we were stalking him! LOL!


Rain Stops…And I Had No Camera With Me (or one that actually worked)

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Would you believe that I didn’t bring my camera today to the BIG day of the Breeders Cup races because it was forcasted to rain until the races would be over…and then around 2pm the rain (that had been going on for 2 days) stopped and blue skies and amazing clouds came out?

I didn’t want anything to happen to the camera after a 2nd day in the rain and I thought long and hard about it all night…so I decided against bringing it. It is too important to me so I made that choice.

On top of that we had front row seats so I would have had amazing photos…. oh well for me… I made a decision not bring it and I gotta live with it…

I brought my point and shoot with me and that wouldn’t even work because the memory card ended up being broken…so I really was camera-less.

Don’t know if I will ever see a big deal day of racing like this again… so I’ll have to settle for going to the track on a regular day of racing and get the shots I’ve been looking forward to. 😦


The Breeders Cup World Championship Horse Races October 27, 2007

Today I attended the first day of the Breeders Cup Horse Races at Monmouth Park in Oceanport, NJ.

It was a rainy, cold, dark day so it damperened my spirits about the photo opportunities I was looking forward to having (ever since we bought the tickets months ago).

This was the best I could do from where I was trying to take shelter and keep my camera dry.

(taken from a window from a higher level).

This was the best I could do with the situation I was dealt with in terms of the weather:

Below are some sites from around the track:

We’re back at the races, tomorrow, for Day 2.

To view the entire gallery click here:


Bon Jovi Concert – Opening Night @ Devils New Arena October 26, 2007

Stopped on the way home for this shot:

Went to the Bon Jovi Concert tonight. Hung out at the red carpet which was very quiet while I was there. Snapped a photo of the Mayor of Newark, NJ Cory Booker:

And I got a photo of Retired New Jersey Devil Scott Stevens and his wife:

Couldn’t bring my D80 into the arena to take photos so I had to settle for the Canon Point & Shoot for some shots. Most were extremely disappointing at the distance I was at but some were “decently” clear. It killed me I didn’t have my Nikon:

More Bon Jovi photos from the concert can be seen here:

The neat thing is that the point & shoot lets you take videos:

To view more of my BON JOVI Concert Photos check out my “events” section on my website:

Check out the Schmap Concert Tours Widget below for:
*Three views in one widget: tour schedule, tour map and venue zoom for Bon Jovi and other groups/artists
*Zoom in to see close up aerial photos of each venue.


In the News October 22, 2007

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In one of last week’s posts I mentioned that I took a photo at work that would be in the newspaper.

I’m excited to say that it’s been published in today’s paper: