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Chasing Rainbows! October 5, 2007

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Driving home today I spotted what looked like a piece of a rainbow in the sky as I was coming off the highway (and of course I decided not to bring my Nikon with me to work today).

I couldn’t wait to get to my favorite open field to try to capture it (even though I only had my little Canon Powershot with me…but it does a good job). I was afraid that by the time I got off the exit ramp it would be gone!

Unfortunately the rainbow didn’t come out in the photo as I saw it with my eyes but a lot of time that is the case with these types of things…. The rainbow formation is to the left in this shot:

Even though I couldn’t capture the rainbow as I saw it you COULD NOT BEAT THIS SKY!

“Hi my name is Jen and I’m a sky and cloud addict”

Since there was such a great sky I stopped at one of my common photo spots along the canal and took this shot. I love the darkness of the trees, the shine of the water and the beauty of the sky.

The next thre from along my ride how is where I got a little crazy. I loved the The next three from along my ride home is where I pulled over for a 3rd time on the side of the road to get these shots. I just keep thinking that people must think I’m nuts when they see me standing next to my car on the side the road….but you know what? I don’t care! LOL!!


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