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The Most Magical Time of the Day! October 17, 2007

Today I was asked to shoot some photos of my company’s VP, a Senior Director at a competitor company, the Mayor of the town I work in as well as the Township Administrator.

The Women’s Leadership Group at my company is holding a 5K run/walk to raise money for a new ambulance for the township where our office resides and these company leaders will be participating in the run/walk.

This photo will be in the local newspaper soon (I’m not sure of the exact date of publication). Once it’s published I will scan a copy and post it here in my blog.

This is one I liked most from the shoot today:

While driving home this was the scene over my favorite stretch of farm land to catch great clouds or a sunset. The warm orange glow feels so “fall” to me!

(click to view larger)

Another beauty from today (click to view larger):

A little “fall reflection”

(click to view larger)

I have more to add so check this post tomomorrow…I’m just so tired I can’t add the rest from today! 🙂

Here the ones I promised I would add that are favs from the day:

(click to view larger)

(click to view larger)

(click to view larger)

(click to view larger)

Overall this was a top day for me for some beautiful sunset shots. I will be sure to stop here at this time of the day again!


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