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GRAY DAY October 20, 2007

Well…I was hoping it wouldn’t rain today…but it did. So, I took advantage of the gray clouds. I shot some dreary sky scenes to see how they would come out. The shy was pretty boring so I enhanced it!

I pulled into an area of the park I haven’t visited in a few weekd to see how the leaves were changing. I took this from my driver’s window of my car. I’ll be stopping here again soon.

I thought it would be funny to capture some of my roadside stops…I always talk about how I pull over when I see something I want to capture so today I snapped this:


One Response to “GRAY DAY”

  1. Julie Says:

    LOL on taking pictures of your car. I actually took a video of the the photos I could be taking if I wasn’t always in such a hurry to go go go. Of course I deleted it. ROFL Great job on all your photos.

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