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Rain Stops…And I Had No Camera With Me (or one that actually worked) October 28, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen @ 12:47 am

Would you believe that I didn’t bring my camera today to the BIG day of the Breeders Cup races because it was forcasted to rain until the races would be over…and then around 2pm the rain (that had been going on for 2 days) stopped and blue skies and amazing clouds came out?

I didn’t want anything to happen to the camera after a 2nd day in the rain and I thought long and hard about it all night…so I decided against bringing it. It is too important to me so I made that choice.

On top of that we had front row seats so I would have had amazing photos…. oh well for me… I made a decision not bring it and I gotta live with it…

I brought my point and shoot with me and that wouldn’t even work because the memory card ended up being broken…so I really was camera-less.

Don’t know if I will ever see a big deal day of racing like this again… so I’ll have to settle for going to the track on a regular day of racing and get the shots I’ve been looking forward to. 😦


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