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Finished! November 10, 2007

I stayed up late last night just to get the portraits finished!

I’m relieved but I learned a lot from the editing experience. I learned that I need to decide, based on the mood or feel of the photo, what filters I want to apply to the photos rather than applying the same few filters to every photo. I also learned that I don’t need to do filters on every photo. It will save me so much time if I can get this all straight.

I also learned that I need find shady areas for portraits and use my flash outdoors as well. I just learned about the Gary Fong Lightsphere and I just purchased one for myself at B&H photo. Gary Fong sasy the “Lightsphere is the only diffuser that lights up the entire room, softening your images tremendously.”

I also learned that I should invest in reflectors and I chose to buy a 5-in-1 reflector. I chose to go with the Norman Collapsible Reflector 5-in-1 – 32″ Circular – Gold, Silver, Black, White and Translucent

Next project I need to complete are the photos I did last month …I started the editing but I needed to put that project aside to work on the portrait session I was commisioned for by my co-worker.

In other news…

Check out my friend’s new website. She’s an aspiring portrait photographer in the Terre Haute/Indianapolis, Indiana area. If you’re looking for a portrait photographer here is her site:


One Response to “Finished!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love the pose of the first image! So cute.

    It won’t be long and you’ll be adding “photographer’s assistant” to your list of portrait accessories!

    I enjoy reading your blog and watching and learning from you! Thanks for being such a wonderful example to so many of us! Sue

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