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Playing With Actions & Conversions November 10, 2007

Rainy day here and we have some errands to run today so I decided to just edit for the morning until we are out and about.

I’m editing the photoshoot I didn’t for my friend’s sister’s children. I came upon this photo which I loved although it’s no traditional (not a smiling shot). I remembered the moment that I took it. He was sitting in the grass telling us a story and he was on a very serious part and I snapped this shot to show his expression. Kids can be so expressive which I love.

I thought it would be a good shot to play with some actions in photoshop that I felt gave it more a “different” look and feel since it’s a non traditional portrait shot.

I like the results 🙂

(click each to view larger)

Original color with teaking and cropping

Lomo Editorial

Urban Acid

B&W Conversion


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