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Dreary Day November 26, 2007

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Well, today was my last day off from work and it was totally DREARY! Rainy and foggy and such a chill in the air.

If I knew it was going to be a terrible rainy day I would have saved the vacation day for another day or taken it last week…but what can you do? At least I got to catch up on some photos.


After I worked on my Christmas tree for a little while I decided that i wanted to try some ideas with multiple exposures and shooting low lights shots to create more HDRs.

My tree before the garland:

With the garland:

Once I put the ornaments on tomorrow I will take a shot of the complete tree and add it so you can see the results.

I’ll also be shooting the tree outside through the bay window (just thought of that idea tonight). 🙂

The angel on top:

Close up on the lights:

A snowman gord (light) I have (this is the light in his belly):

So, it turned out to be an interesting photo day after all….I guess if you get bored enough on a “dreary” day you can come up with lots of great things to experiement with and photograph! 🙂


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