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Do it Yourself Lightboxes, Ring Lights, Gel Lights for Product Photography November 28, 2007

I created my own “Do It Yourself Lightbox”

To view my Tutorial click here:

Links to Do It Yourself Softboxes, Light Tents, and a $10 Macro Studio:

Homemade Light Box for Product Photography

Light Box / Light Tent

How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

Guide/Techniques on Photographing Jewelry:

Jewelry Photography Techniques

Do it Yourself Ring Light Tutorials:

DIY Ring Light free standing

You can also reference another post I wrote with a link to an on-camera DIY Ring Light.

The Foamcore Homemade Softbox – How It’s Built

Do it Yourself Gel Light:

Gel Light

Article on Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional:

Pro Photos Without Being a Pro

Now that I’ve created the first light box with the foamcore boards I can photograph my handmade jewelry with ease or any other macro photograph that needs good lighting! 🙂


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