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Dragan, Dragan, Dragan – The Dragan Effect November 30, 2007

Last night I took some fun photos of the kids after portraits and when I got home I tried this technique called the Dragan Effect named after a famous photographer Andrzej Dragan. Check out his work HERE.

Last night’s creation:

Then I spent tonight making these:

I think this one is the best of the night:

Oh…and one more I just finished:

These two boys provide me THE BEST poses/faces for this kind of work!

Here is a great DRAGAN EFFECT tutorial that was recommended to me. It’s very in depth and does a good job explaining “how to” step by step:

DRAGAN EFFECT PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALThe best free videos are right here

If you find this tutorial helpful please leave me a comment below. 🙂


2 Responses to “Dragan, Dragan, Dragan – The Dragan Effect”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jen, These poses are absolutely perfect for this effect! And, I’m sure the boys thoroughly enjoyed posing for these shots! Fun, fun!


  2. stefano Says:

    Hi i was looking for a Dragan Style tutorial and finally i got it.
    Thanks for sharing it with the world.

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