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I HEART New York December 16, 2007

Today my husband and I made our way into New York City.

The weather was freezing cold to spend hours walking around the city streets but we bundled up and made our way on the NJ Transit train into Penn Station.

Once we got there we made our way around the city to see the “touristy” sights of the Christmas season. We saw the Empire State Building, Macy’s window displays, Time Square, Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center & the tree, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Barts, and Radio City Music Hall. We also saw our share of some great “people” sights. A random Elvis, Statue of Liberty People, breakdancers, Santas, various musicians, street artists, a large Doggie, an Elmo (LOL!)

We had a great time even though we coudn’t feel our extremities! LOL!

I’ll try to post some photos as I edit them. As of right now I started at the end to edit the night photography:

The Empire State Building

Radio City Music Hall

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Rockefeller Center

St. Barts

Grand Central Station

More of my night photography can be seen here:


Tonight when I got home I bought all of the ingredients to create my very own DIY Lightbox at The Home Depot (4 utility lights, 4 100 watt lightbulbs, light colored masking tape and a power strip (I had foam boards already).

I will try to photograph the entire process and post it on tomorrow’s blog post. I have some websites I will be using to reference and let’s just hope I get it right!


One Response to “I HEART New York”

  1. lg Says:

    amazing shots… as always. glad u got to bond with my city. sorry i couldnt see you guys. this cold is kicking my ass!

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