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Macro Mania December 19, 2007

So tonight I was practicing again (2nd day with the new Macro lens)…but I just can’t get the lighting right with the bulbs I have. I know it will take time to figure out but I hate the learning curve!

I will be seeking more advice on the best way to light the lightbox so I can avoid a ton of post processing! It’s just too time consuming!

For practice I decided to photograph things that I felt were meaningful to me.

The umbrellas were the gift that was given to all of the guests at my wedding shower:

My husband and my wedding rings:

A bracelet that was given to me by my friend’s mom before she passed away:

Was in my hair at my wedding:

Beaded jewelry hand-made by me:

Also, I took these for my brother-in-law’s birthday:

To view my MACRO Photography gallery click here:


One Response to “Macro Mania”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Neat shots! I especially like the second umbrella shot and the bracelet. The shots for your brother-in-laws birthday are fun, fun, fun! Enjoy that new lens.


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