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Been Editing Away/NYC Pics/Why Use Layers in Photoshop? December 21, 2007

I haven’t taken anything new in a few days…haven’t had much energy for it. Instead I’ve been editing a lot of the New York City series I took last Saturday.

Tonemapping the single RAW file has produced unbelievable results. When I compare the before and after it’s an amazing difference!

This photo from Times Square has become another favorite of mine from the day mainly because I love how the sun is shining in the top left of the photo and then the light literally makes its way across the street like a spotlight.


Muted City

More of my Tonemapped and HDR photos can be found here:

Lady??? Liberty

Lady in the City

I forgot to mention that when we were in the city we spotted ELVIS!

Yes, ladies & gents – ELVIS is alive & kicking in NYC! He was sporting a giant clock around his neck heading for McDonalds!

Santa also made an appearance at the Wall Street Journal in triplicate:

On another note have you ever wondered why you should use LAYERS in photoshop? I certainly have!

I found some links that help explain Photoshop Layers and I just realized I have a lot of reading to do!:


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