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Christmas Spirit/Lighting Essentials/Backdrop Compresson Poles December 24, 2007

Wow this website is filled with great information:

Lighting Essentials:

Also, another DIY treat for those who want to save money on a diffuser:

DIY Studio Lighting – The Strip Light That Won’t Strip You

A link to 150 great blogs abput photograohy

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST – This just may be the answer to my backdrop hanging woes! A compression pole from the Home Depot! Watch the video on this site to see how wonderful this invention is for us DIY photographers!


After you watch the video in the one above and you get the idea – THEN CHECK OUT THIS POST THIS may be the answer for me! I’d prefer to not have to put the one above together and this one also lets you place it on a diagonal.

“THIRD HAND” Lighting Pole

So, it looks like I might be purchasing a set of these soon:

In the Christmas spirit here are couple Christmas tree ornament macros I just edited from yesterday:

My table is all set up for Christmas day tomorrow… 🙂

A few of my favorite decorations:

My mom gave me these salt & pepper shakers for my Birthday Saturday…I love snowmen and these are too cute.

Can you tell I adore snowmen??

And this is my tree:


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