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Made My First Photo Greeting Card Today! January 12, 2008

Today I created my first photo card for my friend’s birthday with the blank all occasion photo cards that I purchased and discussed HERE and HERE.

After I printed the pic, added it in, wrote in a greeting, etc I decided I wanted to photograph it to remember my “first photo greeting card.”

Here it is…a photo of a yellow bow that you’d put on a present done with my Nikon 105mm Macro lens!




3 Responses to “Made My First Photo Greeting Card Today!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jen, the above is a link to a stamp that I purchased for my greeting cards. Mine say “Original photograph by Sue Henry” and have my monogram in the middle. People tell me that it adds a professional touch. I was able to purchase mine locally in a gift shop; but the web site should work if you can’t locate a store in your area. Just thought I would share……. Sue

    PS LOVE your card design!

  2. Dmitriy Says:


  3. Greetin' Cards Says:

    Looks pretty darn great. I hope someday I can make my greeting cards look as good as yours do.

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