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A Day At The Races January 13, 2008

Today we went to Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack for a day at the races. We got there towards the end of the day so it was quite shady on the track but I still got a lot of great shots from the paddock since the sun was shining nicely there.

I practiced my stop action shots and set my shutter speed very high to get the following series of shots. Somehow I picked one horse coming down the stretch (#4) to focus on and it ended up winning (that made my husband happy since he picked #4 to win!)

And they’re off!

Coming down the stretch:

To view more of my horse racing photos click here:


2 Responses to “A Day At The Races”

  1. lg Says:

    really nice work… third to last my favorite.

  2. Julie Says:

    Awesome work, Jen!!! They look really crisp with the fast shutter speed. Great job!

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