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"When You Get Caught Between the Moon and New Jersey" January 24, 2008

Okay…I know…I know…the title of this blog post is a cheesy reference to a Christopher Cross song but I just had to do it (and of course tailor it to a New Jersey Girl).

I wasn’t able to take the full moon yesterday because it was completley overcast…which was upsetting since it was amazing the night before the full moon and I didn’t photograph that either. So I took it tonight (the day after the full moon). It still looked full to me!

Rather than the photo looking like all of my other moon shots I experimented with different shutter speeds to see how the moon might look best.

I used my Nikon 70-300 VR lens, put the camera on the tripod, used the manual setting, and manual focus. I also used my wireless remote shutter release to avoid camera shake.

Photo 1 is 1/200 @ f 5.6
Photo 2 is 1/320 @ f 5.6
Photo 3 is 1/400 @ f 5.6
Photo 4 is 1/500 @ f 5.6
Photo 5 is 1/800 @ f 5.6


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