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Self Portraits and My Set-up/Burning & Dodging Tutorial January 29, 2008

With the lack of models I have I decided to take some self portraits tonight.

I like they’re not perfectly focused but it was the best I could do for MYSELF!

This is the set-up that I had in my living room (except the stool goes in the middle of the backdrop (obviously) and the camera on the tripod (duh). The lights are hardware store bought clamp lights that I clipped to a lamp I had in the room.

Normally I’d clip my reflector to something on the left of portait area so that the clamp lights would bounce off of it.


Now, on to the self portraits (I did a few different actions on this oneI figured I’d share them a couple):

2 versions of this one:

Yes…more of me…

Cross Processing Action:

And a black and white treament:

I like this pose….see all of these self portraits help me think of poses for when I do portrait sessions. If I like how they came out for me then I will most likely like them for others!

Another action to change the look up of the color:

I love how the Black & White came out for this one!

And lastly a funny one that I randomly did – don’t ask me why I pointed at the camera but I did…LOL! Then I applied some fun actions to it to make it look like this:


And you thought I’d never get to the tutorial I mentioned?

So, before I forget to share…here is a burning & dodging video tutorial I found courtesy of George who share an e-mail that let me to an online photo mag for the UK:


2 Responses to “Self Portraits and My Set-up/Burning & Dodging Tutorial”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like your pose on the floor too. Your jeans show up nicely against the black back drop. And, I like the last image too! It’s just FUN. Thanks for sharing the tutorial; looking forward to viewing it during Ben’s next nap! Sue

  2. lg Says:

    these self portraits rock!
    i really love the last two.

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