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And The Deep Thoughts Series Continues February 2, 2008

In between other sessions I’ve been working on the “Deep Thoughts Series” also seen here and here and here!

Classic T-Shirt! PLEASE REMAIN CALM it’s no use both of us being hysterical at the same time.

I broke out the Nikon 105mm lens for these…

Lee is a writer so we decided to incorporate some his “tools” into the photoshoot. Once being his “little blue book.” He carries this blue book with him and when he has ideas he jots them down in the book.

I like this shot because he didn’t realize I was about to take it. He was telling me something and I like that natural moment captured with pen in hand:

Then I decided that since hands can tell a story that I’d focus on them along with the incorporation of the blue book:

I did a harsh gritty look on these 2 shots…I like how they came out…

…these are the originals:

This lens is great! It focused right in on the pen tip here:

More dramatic shots of the hands of a writer…


One Response to “And The Deep Thoughts Series Continues”

  1. lg Says:

    wow! worth the wait. love them all.

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