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Get low (Shoot From a Bug’s Eye View Perspective) February 2, 2008

Today I tried the challenge of “getting low” with photography…too bad it was such a gray sky day…or the photos of me and the tree might have been bood enough to not post process like I did. There’s always another day though to re-try these experiments. 🙂

I sat on the ground with my back against a huge tree in our backyard. I looked upward with the camera and shot these photos below.

As I was trying to think of other ways to “go low” and I figured why not put the camera in a low position!! I placed the camera on it’s back under the tree with the self timer on leaned in over the camera.

The shame of it was that the sky looked blue in person but when I viewed the photos on the computer the sky was completely blown out and the edges were jagged. Played with some actions and got this:

In Black & White with the Photoshop fiter “Poster Edges” lightly applied:

Dog’s Eye view (of course Lucas had to help with the challenge):

And lastly…I never laid at the bottom of a fence before…but now I guess I can say that I have! LOL!

Check out the full set of tips (shared by Ptchfork..thanks!)

20 Professional Perspective Tips:

1) Make a statement (create a photo to express a personal view on your enviormental, political, or religious veiw point)

2) Create panorama

3) Find a New Angle (use different tilts, etc)

4) Go small (Shoot miniatures and present them as larger objects)

5) Juxtapose (inject quirkiness into your images)

6) Blur It (use various degrees of blur to add a sense of motion to your images.)

7) Bodyscapes (photograph the lines & contors of the human body at various zooms & poses)

8) Set a brief (create a small portfolio on a topic)

9) Mix It Up (break general photography rules)

10) Create a Photomasaic

11) Get Closer (Macro)

12) Seek Patterns

13) Splash Of Color (make the most of bold colors)

14) Distort it (deliberately distort colors for a graphic effect)

15) Simplify Your Kit (shoot with only one lens)

16) Reveal textures

17) Get High (get as high as you possibly can)

18) Chiaroscuro (use light as the subject of your photo)

19) Fun with food (experiment with food photography)

20) Get low (shoot from a bug’s eye view perspective)


One Response to “Get low (Shoot From a Bug’s Eye View Perspective)”

  1. Julie Says:

    Taking a break from homework to stand up and applaude you on your photos for the challenge. Hoorah!!! I love the one where you are leaning over the camera. I haven’t had enough time to try much.
    Great work, Jen!!!

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