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Jersey Shore – Part II February 5, 2008

WOW! On January 13th my blog hit 2000 which I thought was tremendous but then in less than one month it reached over 3000 hits today (in just 23 days!)!

Thanks to all of my loyal readers!


Yesterday I posted the beginning of my series on the Jersey Shore.

Today the Jersey Shore Series continues…

I love how the color of the algae popped when it was tonemapped:

A few more tonemapped beach shots…really brings out the color:


Not tonemapped just tweaked in Photoshop for levels, shadows & highlights:

I hope you’re enjoying the series. Part III will come soon…I have some experiments of “smooth water” that I attempted that I want to edit and share with you all (most likely in my next post). Then there are still the series of photos I took at the Abandoned Asbury Park Casino on the boardwalk that I will be working on soon.


One Response to “Jersey Shore – Part II”

  1. Deb Says:

    I love the third one down. The curvature is fabulous!

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