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Eye-Popping & Sharpening Tutorials February 23, 2008

Thanks to a tutorial shared by Mark I re-edited these 2 photos below to make my eyes “pop.”

You’ll find this “eye-popping” tutorial from Parc Cruz on FLICKR: through the link below:

In addition to enhancing the eyes in the photo I also boosted the contrast and tweaked the curves in photoshop to get the final result shown below.

Try this tutorial – it’s very easy to do and once you get the hang of it only takes an extra minute or so in your post processing.



The photographer named Parc Cruz that created the eye-popping tutorial on FLICKR also created and shared a sharpening tutorial for the eyes. If you’d like to try the eye sharpening tutorial click the link below:

I tried the “eye popping tutorial” along with the “sharpening” tutorial and these are the results:

No retouching done at all…as you can tell by my skin (ick):

Skin retouching with the clone tool, Noise Ninja applied, curves adjusted, and the 2 tutorials used for eye enhancement and eye sharpening:

Both photos in the examples above were done with completely natural lighting coming through a window.

Parc Cruz also shared some of his Before and After’s which are quite amazing. He doesn’t share how he does it but they are unbelieavable and I admire his work. See his Before & After’s through the link below:

Later in the day (after I got used to these tutorials) I worked on the following photo, edited the original, and then applied 4 other actions to it that I just LOVE!

Original with NO EDITING:

Colored edited and tweaked as well as the eye popping & sharpening tutorials applied:


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