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More With Lee February 24, 2008

Finally got back to editing the photoshoot of my pal Lee. I know…you’re saying “there’s more?” and the answer is yes. Quite a few more to go through and edit.

Lee was a patient subject and even though the time flew by I took a lot of shots. The reason why it’s also taking so long is because these photos (in my opinion) are filled with a lot of emotion and I feel the need to try multiple post processing effects until I find the right one for the photograph.

One of my FAVORITE EDITS today! I love how I made Lee’s eye look!!

Since Lee is a writer we decided to do some shots with his trusty blue notebook.

Lee also wanted a shot showing the area where her lives so we took this shot with is pup Elliot Igby.


One Response to “More With Lee”

  1. ~Jennifer Ann~ Says:

    I LOVE all the pictures of Lee. Especially the ones with the dog. and the black and whites. Totally dug the notepad in the pocket!!

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