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Historic Griggstown, NJ – Windows and Doors to the Past March 6, 2008

Griggstown, New Jersey is an unincorporated area and a historic district within Franklin Township, in Somerset County, New Jersey first settled around 1733.

It is a small, picturesque village that lies on the Delaware and Raritan Canal. This canal criss-crosses the state of New Jersey and in the 1800’s was a major means of transporting goods between Philadelphia and New York.

Canal Barges bearing goods have now been replaced by canoes and kayaks. One can still find remnants of “canal life” along the towpath and roads that traverse the village. This window belongs to a building that probably housed mill workers at one time. When it was modernized, asbestos was used in its restoration. Now this building is gutted and closed to the public.

I applied a few different Totally Rad Actions to these photos below and tweaked the layers to apply my own spin to them:

While I was reasearching Griggstown I found this interesting article about the local legend of the Griggstown Cow that I thought was interesting…especially since the place he wandered was where I was taking the photos.


One Response to “Historic Griggstown, NJ – Windows and Doors to the Past”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did I miss these on the forum?

    These are some of my personal ALL-TIME favorite images that I’ve seen, Jen. Love this series. Sue

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