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The Many Faces of Jen March 15, 2008

Well I had fun tonight…by myself! I was bored so you know when I get bored I turn to self portraits. Well this time I decided to have lots of fun with them and not be all serious.

I laughed, I made funny faces, I jumed up in the air, I jumped into the photo, swung my hair around all crazy, took some serious ones, and tried some new angles with the tripod. I had fun just being silly…

After I while I realized I had developed a “series” of faces…so I went with it and made as many as I could think of. I ended up with 30. So, I came back into my office and made a composite of all 30 faces and called it “The Many Faces of Jen.”

It has no purpose at all except for FUN…and fun I had…if you can’t tell:

(click to view very large)

I did take some serious ones. I made the tripod as TALL as I could get it and had the camera pointing down at me. I turned my head all different angles and this is the first one I edited. This is exactly how it was taken (landscape) with my head tilted to the side looking upwards into the camera lens on the tallest tripod setting:

Converted to a Dark B&W:

And a little LOMO…

And a session would not be complete without a kiss (well it was really a “sniff”) from Lucas aka “Silks” (I don’t know why my face was blown out here but who cares….)


2 Responses to “The Many Faces of Jen”

  1. Julie Says:

    OH my goodness!!! I love these and you are inspiring me to do some of the girls…or emmalie and me. Oh it is so good to see this collage!
    Great work!!

  2. Heather Says:

    cute cute cute!

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