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Soooooo Many Jens! Multiple Exposure Fun! March 22, 2008

I got out of work early today and I decided I would have fun with multiple exposures. Since the ones I took (to test how this works) back in December were not the best quality lighting I wanted to do some that were good quality and really well thought out.
These are the nutty things I came up with. Now that I’ve done these I have a lot more ideas in my head for the future.


Below are some websites I found that tell you how to do multiple exposures in Photoshop:

another technique:

Digital cloning tutorial:


One Response to “Soooooo Many Jens! Multiple Exposure Fun!”

  1. Jim Hackett Says:

    Jen, you have a great website and I am inspired. I have a Nikon D300 and have been trying really hard to do the multiple exposures that you have on your site, but alas, I cannot. Are these done within the camera, or through photoproccessing. I am frustrated trying to get a shot of my grandaughter kicking a soccer ball to herself.

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