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Mill Pond Park in Plainsboro NJ March 23, 2008

I decided I needed a new place to photograph so I headed into the historic town of Plainsboro, NJ looking for photo opportunities. I was about to give up when I decided to go down some side streets. Thinking I’d strike out again I turned and saw a body of water that caught my eye.

With the lack of foliage on the trees I was pretty skeptical that I’d have good photos ops so I actually decided to get out of my car and walk the area a bit first without all of my gear.

When I decided it was worth a try I got my camera gear and tripod and entered the Mill Pond Park and explored the LENAPE TRAIL.

When you enter there is a sign there that tells you about the Lenape Trail and the history of the Stockton Mill (Stockton Grist/Sawmill) that was along Maple Avenue until the 1930.

All of the following photos are 3 bracketed exposures merged to HDR in Photomatrix and tweaked in Photoshop CS3.

Tomorrow evening I’ll continue my work on this series and share more.


2 Responses to “Mill Pond Park in Plainsboro NJ”

  1. Heather Says:

    #2 & #6 here are AMAZING photographs…so well captured…complete with foreground, subject & background and MORE! Good job hunting for more great places to photograph.


  2. Anna Says:

    Wow these photos are amazing. Very well framed. Anna 🙂

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