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Easter Family Fun (with Multiple Exposures) March 24, 2008

Today I went to Easter dinner at my sister’s house.

Before dinner we had the Easter Egg hunt for my sister’s Nieces & Nephew. I took some shots of their hunt:

Then I wanted to get some formal shots of the kids…

And then I made the family join in for a Family Portrait. It’s not often that you can get a nice family portrait like this so I thought they might like to have one.

Then dinner was being served so we all went inside to eat! Here is my Mom and the yummy meatballs & sausage:

Always a commotion in the kitchen. My Mom, Sister and my Aunt:

After dinner it was on to the FUN!!! The kids and I decided to do a little multiple exposure fun…this is what the 4 of us came up with. They are so funny and creative…they had me cracking up with their expressions and acting abilities.

(Please click each to view LARGER)

The Easter Egg Hunt

Did You Get Anything Good In Your Egg?

Fighting Over the Egg

It’s My Easter Egg! No, It’s Mine!

Hide & Go Seek

Fighting yourself

I’ll Push…You Catch!

Monkey In The Middle


Catch Me If You Can!

Weavin’ With The Weaver

Can You Spot the 4 Candy Theives?

Peeping Randy’s

Hey! Let Me In!

And that’s it for Easter fun! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I have!


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