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The Girls of The "Sundays" Series April 1, 2008

In between everything else I work on the “Psychiatric Sundays Series.”

These are my favorite edit’s of tonights post-processed shots. I’m moving along with all of the photos/editing.

There are some great shots coming soon in the series that I can’t wait to edit from another part of the psychiatic compound of buildings. Just wait and see!

Joey L’s Night Action

With Texture…my latest addiction

Lomo Cross Processing Action

Lomo Editorial Action


3 Responses to “The Girls of The "Sundays" Series”

  1. M Palmer Says:

    Hey Jen – great series, I love the mood and DOF of the first shot – Have you played with OnOne Pro Phototools? I use this for some of my post work

  2. Heather Says:

    many great ones here Jen!

  3. ~Jennifer Ann~ Says:

    im loving these especially the ones with the lock! the colors are phenomenal. xooxo

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