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Show Me the Texture April 23, 2008

Thanks to a suggestion from Julie I added texture to this shot and I love the results!

I grabbed the first texture I saw and tried it out…now I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect texture to try this a few different ways for the family to choose from.

I love yesterday’s high key version but that’s very time consuming to get right with dodging so texture is a nice option as well….makes it look like I had lots of backdrops!

I love S.’s expression in this one (she’s in the middle)!

Click to view larger


3 Responses to “Show Me the Texture”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love this pic a lot!!! but mom has her bra showin a bit….Still one of my favs of this post!!

  2. Julie Says:

    The textured background really turned out fantastic!! Great job!

  3. Jen Weaver Photography Says:

    thanks..this was just a few minute edit job. I still have more to tweak and I’ll remove this version and post the “fixed version” eventually 🙂

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