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The B. Family’s Sneak Peek – Communion and Family Portraits April 27, 2008

This morning I had pleasure of photographing The B. Family! M. & M. have the most beautiful family. Two very lovely & sweet girls (S. & E.) and their cute little boy (J.) who will be turning very one soon.

We had lots of fun and tons of giggles while taking S.’s Communion Portraits, a collection of “sisters” portraits, sisters with brother, the entire family, and a mixture of Mom with the kids and Dad with the kids.

J. was a little tired but we got him smiling with the help of his favorite quacking duck. (I might have to invest in my own quacking duck if it gets great smiles like we got from J. today!) I got a kick out of how he would slowly find a way to crawl off the backdrop after a few shot. At once point we decided to turn him around mid crawl and aim him back in the direction of his family. 🙂

We started the day out with some “detail” shots of S.:

(click photos to view larger)

And then we continued onto portraits:

Look at the beautiful long eye lashes!

I love the over the shoulder pose.

Vintage effect:

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to JoAnn for being the most wonderful assistant today! JoAnn, I soooooo appreciate you giving up your Sunday morning to let me a hand. You were such a tremendous help to me and I appreciate it! Looking forward to next week’s photo assignment with you!

To see all of the B. Family photos posted so far HERE.


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