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Sisters JoAnn & Jessica May 6, 2008

I grew up with JoAnn and her little sis Jess…

JoAnn and I are still friends after all these years and Jess isn’t little anymore. She’s all grown up and they are both beautiful! I can’t believe how much Jessica looks like Ashlee Simpson with dark hair.

Jess works for a band who is definitely going places and she’s going on tour with them for her job with merchandising. So so exciting!!!

And JoAnn is my lovely photo assistant! I don’t know what I would have done without her on the last 2 shoots!

JoAnn asked if I could do a photo shoot of the two of them after work today and I was happy to do so.

Some of their favorites (and mine too):

(click to view larger)


4 Responses to “Sisters JoAnn & Jessica”

  1. Heather Says:

    The 2nd & 3rd are really cute shots. They have a casual feel to them with the way they are holding each other. I bet you will work magic on them when you run them through your special editing.

    That’s awesome that you have a friend from way back like that!

  2. julie Says:

    These turned out so great!! Can you do me and my sisters? LOL!! I’m with Heather, this is a casual shoot that works really well. You can tell how close they are. Great work, as always!

  3. OSCAR Says:

    your outdoor shots! Well done!

  4. […] portraits that I took of Jo Ann and Jess on Jess’ MySpace page (that I shared a while back HERE) she wanted to draw the […]

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