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More of Historic Griggstown, NJ May 29, 2008

I pass this spot everyday on my way home so I decided to take some photos for 20 mins on my way home.

I featured this area of Historic Griggstown, NJ back at the beginning of March in this blog entry and this time I decided to bracketed shots for HDR processing.

Below are my favorites of the day:

I love this one!!

I’m on the fence about these two. A LOT OF GREEN HERE!

While I was photographing one of the windows I snapped my reflection just to be silly:

To be even more strange I snapped a photo of my new hot pink shoes with the camera looking down my tripod. I love the shoes so I figured why not snap a shot? *LOL*

This is especially for *Bri* since I promised to show her them!

There are a number of others but this is all that I actually liked the results of. Sometimes HDR is hit or miss depending upon the lighting conditions.


6 Responses to “More of Historic Griggstown, NJ”

  1. M Palmer Says:

    I am loving that lil pier & nice shoes cinderella – what are those? Size 5?

  2. Osacr Says:

    Can I get those shoes in a 9 1/2? Like the window shot seeing through the room to the opposite window – gives a real empty feeling.

  3. meleah rebeccah Says:

    The shoes = FABULOUS

    The photos = UNBEEELEEEAVBLE

    That scenery is so inviting…

  4. Jen Weaver Photography Says:

    *LOL* You’re all too funy!!

    mike – size 6 – i guess the modern cinderella has hot pink shoes! LOL

    oscar – i bet i can get you a pair in 9 1/2 *LOL*

    Meleah – Thanks doll!

  5. bonjourtiffany Says:

    such a girl…..looking down at your new shoes. you have probably been looking down while walking all day.i know i do when i have new shoes on……Q-T!!! anyway, like always breathtaking pictures

  6. Heather Says:

    missed this post too. I must have been sleep walking this week when you posted these artsy additions!

    Love the shoes!

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