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I Got My Lighthing Goods! Woo Hoo! May 30, 2008

I’m officially a “strobist” girl! LOL! I got my lighting goods today from B&H!

With Mike’s help I officially fired the first test shots tonight with my new SB800s! Yee ha!

I still don’t know what I’m doing but, heck, who does the first time you do something? Well, I guess I could read all of the books and articles I want but nothing beats just opening everything up, having someone help you set everything, and just “doing.”

Yes, I’m one of those people“directions? what are directions?”

Sometimes it makes life harder but that seems to be the only way I learn…. just jump right in and try things out. I don’t think it’s a bad way to be…sometimes you extend your learning curve a bit but it’s fun just testing things and learning as you go.

I still have some more things to get Sunday when I drive into the city to go to B&H in person (and lose myself for hours) but once I get the rest of what I need I should be “good to go” for easy, portable, lighting!

Great suggestion by Mike! Thanks for your help!

Here they are!

Lucas got bored of my lighting excitement very quickly and decided to get up on the couch and take a nap. *LOL*

I know…blurry…darn P&S…shoulda put it on Macro…but you get the idea.

More regarding the lights can be seen HERE and HERE.


7 Responses to “I Got My Lighthing Goods! Woo Hoo!”

  1. M Palmer Says:

    1:42am did you at least watch LOST?

  2. bonjourtiffany Says:

    wow you are acquiring more & more stuff every time i look. i don’t know how Lucas doesn’t knock it over. hes a good boy.

  3. Charlie O Says:

    Now you’ll need an assistant to help you lug your equipment around! Anxious to see what you can do with these new additions to your tool box!

  4. Jen Weaver Photography Says:

    @Mike….guess what? I didn’t get to watch lost. Got busy editing and chatting on the phone…LOL! But hey, that’s what Tivo is for!! 🙂 (and don’t tell me what happened!)

    @Tiff…Lucas does tend to stand right in the middle of the backdrop when I’m trying to take a photo. Guess he wants to be the center of attention… LOL!

    @Gordy (aka Charlie)…I have an assistant!! LOL And she does help me lug all this around! 🙂 The good thing I got this nice new compact lighting set up!

  5. meleah rebeccah Says:

    Im the same way….directions? Thats for sissy’s. I am a hands on approach kinda chick.

    Love the lighting!

  6. Heather Says:

    Fabulous for you Jen!


    My Photography & More>

  7. Grandpa Says:

    Congrats, Jen looks like a great set-up!

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