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Tara and Adam’s Wedding – Sneak Peak June 30, 2008

So, folks, I made it through a very long day. I was friend, candid wedding photographer, and “pseudo” wedding assistant for my lovely friend Tara for the day.

I’ve been in and to so many weddings that it felt natural being able to help out for the day. It was SOOOO hot out but we made it through the day without anyone melting… LOL

I arrived early and photographed the ladies getting all beautified at the salon, went back to Tara’s parent’s house and photographed everyone getting ready and quickly got ready myself. The official wedding photographer arrived and took his formal shots, I followed them to the church and I photographed as much of that as I could there, then we all headed to Spring Lake for formal bridal party and then a quick stop at Spring Lake beach for photos of just Tara & Adam.

After the formal photos we headed to the reception in a beautiful ballroom looking over the ocean. When the night ended I drove the bride and groom back to the hotel, we all gathered at the hotel bar, eventually got some sleep, and all met at 10am yesterday for a great breakfast in the hotel lobby.

I took about 1500 photos (not sure if that’s the real total…I’m still counting *LOL*) They will me take forever to edit but I’ll get it done!

This is my favorite of the day:

I couldn’t help applying a texture. Thanks, Heather, for the original coloring underneath this texture.


Tara & Adam’s Rehearsal Dinner June 28, 2008

My beautiful friends Tara & Adam asked me if I’d photograph their wedding rehearsal dinner for them. Of course I answered yes immediately! Even with my bum ankle/foot I couldn’t say no!

They had the dinner at La Nonna Pianocone’s Cafe in Bradley Beach and the room that party was in was fantastic. The food was great too!

Tara and Adam have two wonderful families and I enjoyed spending the evening with them all.

Tara and Adam were glowing with happiness.

They prepared a wonderful slideshow with photos of their family & friends throughout their lives which everyone really enjoyed watching and giggling at all of the memories.

Such a wonderful group of family and friends

Tara and Emily…my two buds from the college sorority days!

Yay D Phi E! LOL!!

I tried to coax Tara’s dad to tell one of his good jokes!

Tara’s dad said a few nice words at the end of the dinner…

Tara and her sister Bridgette – her maid of honor.

Adam and his brother Jeff – Best Man.

It was a wonderful night filled with love, laughter and joy

And we got Adam to take one of Tara and I before we left:

Looking forward to the wedding tomorrow!

I know I will be taking hundreds upon hundreds of photos!!


New York City in a Lovely Shade of Tonemapped June 27, 2008

I had nothing new ready for tonight so I thought that I would post some of my favorite photos from new York City from December.

I tonemapped the single RAW image in Photomatrix.

This one is called : MUTED CITY

I call this one: I HEART NY

Let me explain why:

I got to this photo and and I stopped in my tracks when I saw the shot after tonemapping! Take a look at the skyscraper on the left! The sunlight shining on the building created a…..HEART! heart.gif! I couldn’t believe it and I felt it was really special. This was not manipulated.

This photo of Times Square has become another favorite of mine from that day mainly because I love how the sun is shining in the top left of the photo and then the light literally makes its way across the street like a spotlight.


I hope you love them as much as I do!

When I get my new place I hope to blow some of these up to hang them.

If you’re interested in seeing my entire gallery of all of my HDR or Tonemapped RAW photos click here:


Forgotten May Beauty June 26, 2008

Loving that the 50mm is so versatile…

I forgot all about these flower photos until tonight. I was sitting here trying to decide what I wanted to work on for tonight and I knew it wasn’t wedding photos or portraits (for tonight) so I looked around in the mass of unedited work and realized I forgot all about these beauties from May 5th.

They were all taken with the Nikon 50mm 1.4. It’s not just for portraits! LOL!

I adore the sunlight illuminating the background here…

Looking at them makes me remember how beautiful this May day felt to me when I laid under the tree in my front yard to take this photo.

A little antique action…who said flowers can’t be antiqued? Not me!

And a favorite edit for this session…. (yes, yes, yes it’s texture!) LOL!


Anthing You Can Do I Can Try Too!

These are not the greatest photos in the sense of “technique” but they are “good moments” and memories of my buddy learning something new.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? My sister never said that…because she did!

Lucas stayed with my sister for the day while I was at a bridal shower in May. She was practicing dog agility with her Jack Russel Terrier JoJo (featured HERE recently) and she decided to see if she could get my Black Lab, Lucas, to do some jumps…and he did!

When I arrived to pick him up he demonstrated his new skill.

JoJo says…. “Watch me, Lucas, I can do this even with a ball in my mouth!”

And Lucas says… “Anything you can do…I can do too!”

I’m so glad I had my camera with me. I love that lil (big) guy! 🙂


Beautiful Bond June 25, 2008

Below you’ll find some of my favorite edits of EJ’s session all photographed with the Nikon 50mm 1.4.

Who wouldn’t love to capture the bond between a new mother and her precious baby?

This is one of my closest friends (since grade 2) and I feel very honored that I get to capture her baby (and their bond) as he grows through the years as their personal photographer. 🙂

I love the texture so much on this one. I think it’s one of my TOP favorite textures that I’ve done.

Since I loved this texture I decided to apply another conversion over it to get this result. I love this as well!!

This one is just BEAUTIFUL. Don’t I have such a beautiful friend??

Talk about beautiful eyes on mom & baby!

I thought this looked like a nice moment for an antique finish.

More texture! Love it!

And a brown-tined conversion for the version above.

How about a black & white conversion?

Such an adorable moment!


Look at that little face!

And just a cute one in the stroller to show off those BIG BLUE EYES!


Oh, to be this happy! June 24, 2008

Workin on more edits of EJ! I can’t wait to finish the basic tweaks I’m doing to the color shots so I can do some fun editing! Here are a couple that I converted to B&W. I love that little face!!