Tonight’s 2nd annual The W Girls NYC “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” Bachelor/ette Auction

Tonight (June 5th) I photographed the 2nd annual WGirls NYC “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Bachelor/ette Auction previously discussed here.

I worked from home yesterday so I could get more work time in and then I picked Jo Ann at her job. We quickly ate a healthy dinner at Wendy’s *giggle* and made our trek into New York City at rush hour. I don’t recommend this to anyone but it was a necessary evil last night.

The NJ Turnpike wasn’t bad but once we got on Route 287 over by where Jo Ann works is a total nightmare (as usual) but the Route 495 that was a total jam-packed nightmare but we “rode it out” with good conversation and some good “tunes” until we got ourselves into the Lincoln Tunnel.

Once we got out of the tunnel and into NYC we noticed crowds of people standing on the sidewalk pointing up at a skyscraper behind us…we looked around but we had no idea what they were looking. I counted 6 news helicopters circling above us so we decided we needed to find out what was going on. Jo Ann rolled down her window to ask what everyone was looking & pointing at and a woman told us a guy was climbing a skyscraper. Our light turned green and we had to go, go, go. *sad face*

It turns out there was (as my friend Lee told me) a Spiderman was scaling the side of a skyscraper. Spiderman? What was he thinking??? The funny part about this tale is that Lee told me there were actually 2 people to do this in one day on the same building! 2 people??? Again, what are people thinking??

I’ll tell you what I was thinking!!! I was thinking how late we were after we had so carefully timed our trip into the city and this crazy Spiderman better not make any more traffic jams pop up for me!! But photographer in me had the devil on her shoulder thinking…. “hmmm, wouldn’t it be cool for you to pull over and photograph this crazy guy scaling the building??” but then angel on the other shoulder told me “Okay, photo journalist…you best be moving along, sister, and get to the nightclub to do what I promised!” So I did. I drove away from an interesting photo op…yup, I did (not easy for me).

The traffic made us late enough, Nancy (my GPS, mentioned here) had us going a little out of our way down the one way city streets to get to the club, and we still had to find parking in New York City! We let “Nancy” guide us to the door of the club (although she was a bit off in where she told us “we had reached our destination” … darn you Nancy). We figured we’d pass by the club and then find parking.

We were lucky….we found it one block over although it required me to do the tightest parallel park job I ever had to do on the left side of th street. I actually ended up getting a tiny knick on the back bumper of my new “ride” when I backed up just a smidgen too much (I had to take deep breaths and let it go…I had no time to panic about a small knick).

I squeezed my Rogue into the spot between a Mini Cooper and a big truck, got my gear together, locked the car, and just as we were on our way when I noticed that a giant wide-open parking spot opened right ahead of us…. hmmmm…isn’t that always my luck!

We walked one block over and our assignment for the evening started. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings straight. I hadn’t done anything like this before and I needed that 5-10 minutes to get my thoughts together, survey the land (so to speak) and make my plan of action of how I would handle the photography. Of course I hurt my finger on my own speedlight during this 5-10 minutes (don’t ask me how) but since it wasn’t cut or bleeding I was able to avoid a fainting tragedy (uuugh, don’t ask!!) in a dark nightclub filled with tons of people that that I didn’t know. We went to the restrooms and I composed myself (thank god!) and then got to work!

Outside the club some of the W Girls NYC posed for photos:

This is Tara who I know from college (Rider University ). Tara is part of the WGirls and is the person that asked me if I was interested in photographing the event so I took her up on the offer because I thought it sounded like a good experience for me:

I think it went really well considering I never shot in a dark nightclub before. Focusing was the biggest issue since it was so hard to see but I only had to throw out a handful of photos (apologies to those that don’t see their photos but know that I took one of you).

Jo Ann was kind enough to come with me into NYC to lend me a hand (thanks Jo!!).

Jo Ann and I — Yes, I actually handed my camera off to someone else…shocker!

All event photos can be viewed on my website by going to: and clicking on GALLERIES—–>Events or you can CLICK HERE.


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s 2nd annual The W Girls NYC “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” Bachelor/ette Auction

  1. You did a wonderful job!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work that evening. The pictures are wonderful! I hope you enjoyed the event!!!!!

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