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Cooling Off with HDR June 14, 2008

More from Villanova University from last Sunday’s portrait session with baby EJ.

Below is the interior of a small chapel on campus that we came up while taking portraits in between the arches of the buildings.  I popped my head inside and immediately thought “HDR!”  Thank goodness I lugged that tripod around with me all day.  You never know when you want multiple exposures!!

The chapel was very simple and I loved how the wooden arches on the ceiling looked.  I was especially happy to have the wide angle lens for a scene like this!  The sun was brightly shining in on the crucifix on the altar so I had a bit of processing trouble there.  I may have try to re-do this HDR in Photomatrix when I have some more time.

Inside the lobby of the wonderfully air conditioned chapel (it was pushing 100 outside!) we spotted this statue.  I loved the way the light was shining on it!




5 Responses to “Cooling Off with HDR”

  1. oneshotbeyond Says:

    complete bliss for me while viewing these…

    isn’t that tripod bigger than you girl???

    just playin!


    One Shot Beyond Photography & A little More>

  2. JulieM Says:

    Jen, both these shots are terrific! Today I was in a pretty church for an informal chamber music concert and sat there thinking ‘HDR’. I’d like to get back when the church is empty and try to get the shots…

  3. Thanks Heather & Julie M for commenting.
    I’m pleased you like them!

    JulieM – you need to get back there and shoot that church in HDR! 🙂

  4. Enigma3 Says:


    I don’t think exposures can get any better than that. Now you’ve inspired me to go shoot the National Cathedral.

    Really nice!

  5. Wolf – get out there and shoot it and share it with us!!

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