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In Tribute to My Many Dad’s and All the Daddies Out There June 15, 2008

Today is a day dedicated to our daddies…

I thought I would post some photos of my Dad and I as a way of

celebrating him on his day since he lives so far away and I won’t see him in person.

My Dad and I on his birthday 2 years ago

At my sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner (2004):

At my sister’s wedding (2004)

Yay Dad!! 🙂

Father’s Day is also about our Grand-dad’s as well.

Today I went to visit my Grandpa at the nursing home where he now lives. It was the first time I visited there and it seems like a very nice place. He’s a celebrity there…as he walks down the hallway everyone greets him from every direction “Hey Tony!” He’s so cute!

I stayed with him about 4 hours, hanging in his room. When he got his lunch the orderly was kind enough to bring my own piece of cheesecake (since he noticed me eying up grandpa’s LOL!) Then his roommate was sharing his chocolates with me. I think they were all trying to fatten me up!

We chatted while the ballgame was on in the background and had a nice time. He was so happy that I surprised him!

Of course I had my camera with me so I broke it out and did a few of those “take your own photos” moments. Here is a photo of us today.

Grampy at my house this past Christmas. I love his smile/laugh here!

At my mom’s birthday in 2006:

At my sister’s wedding in 2004

With my mom (his daughter) at the same wedding:

And a quick couple of my adoptive “At Work” Dad Gordon (aka Oscar).

Thanks for being a great friend to me Gordy!!

This photo is a classic!

Drikin’ your cardboard beer on the job again, eh?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies out there!!!


4 Responses to “In Tribute to My Many Dad’s and All the Daddies Out There”

  1. how adorable and sweet this post is Jen…Gordon with his cardboard beer is too funny!

  2. Mom Says:

    This is the nicest tribute to your dad and mine!! You made grampies day!! He is still talking about how you spent 4 hours with him. He really enjoyed it.

    Thats my girl!!!


  3. Thanks Heather. Gordy cracks me up!

    Mom – YAY! You finally commented! Wooo hooo! I’m so glad I made grampy’s day. 🙂

  4. Oscar Says:

    well I’m honored to be honored! And you used my “BEST” poses….. (augh) Well at least you didn’t share my thong pics. LOL You’re the best, my dear daughter-in-work. LOL

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