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Angelina! And the Case of the Busted Ankle June 20, 2008

Today I met my friend Angie halfway between where I live and where she lives. We haven’t seen each other in a couple years and I was so happy that we were both free today! She and I are friends from college. I missed her so much!!

We met at a shopping center called the Promenade where they have all of these great stores/shops and a couple great restaurants.

We got there right at the same time which was great and we did a little bit of shopping. Then we headed over to this great restaurant called The Red Stone American Grill. We sat outside because the weather was gorgeous and I think we got the best table in the place! We had a great appetizer and these awesome faltbread pizzas where we tried 2 varieties to share. Mmmmm they were good (I should have taken a photo – what was I thinking!)

Before were were leaving the table we took a couple of those “take your photo moments” (I love how the Canon Powershot A620 has the window that flips around so you can see yourself!).

Eventually our waitress saw us and offered to take a photo of us. 🙂

Such great smiling moments….until….the unthinkable happened…

We were walking through the restaurant to the restroom and I didn’t see that there was a step down (because the steps and tile floor were all the same black color)…and I took a nice nasty fall and twisted my ankle!

I’m talking I actually went down…shoe flying off and all…and I was hot with embarrassment!

I immediately paniced…I don’t like pain…


The end result is that my ankle wasn’t broken because it never blew up or turned purple or anything like that. It just HURT VERY BAD! The 2 restaurant managers were SO nice! They were very accommodating to make sure I was comfortable (I know they hate when things like this happen in their restaurant but things happen!!) They got me ice, water, and were very calm dealing with me (and my anxiousness over pain). Eventually Angie had to leave and all I wanted to do was get home once I felt a little better so we got ready to leave. The manager gave me a new bag of ice, bottled water, and walked me to my car. I drove the hour home in PAIN but made it home safely. Now I’m just elevating it and icing it.

Before I left the manager was kind enough to give me a 50.00 gift card so I would come back again sometime. I would definitely go back – the food is great, the waitress and managers were wonderful and it’s a beautiful restaurant. They should have the stair marked w/ a yellow stripe or something but other than that it was an unfortunate accident that I am suffering for now (especially since I have a photo portrait job tomorrow morning and a College Greek Reunion tomorrow night).

If you are interested in feeling bad for me…here is my poor ankle getting some ice.

I hope you enjoy seeing my ugly toes!

Just pray it doesn’t effect me tomorrow when I have my portrait shoot and that I can go to my reunion.


11 Responses to “Angelina! And the Case of the Busted Ankle”

  1. MOM Says:

    Awww my poor baby got a boo boo!!

    luv ya

  2. Sue Says:

    Sorry to hear about your ankle. Perhaps an excuse to slow down just a tad?!?!? Glad the fall didn’t break anything; ankle and/or camera!


  3. Oh My Girl…isn’t it always one thing or the other? Try to rest up before your big day tomorrow.

  4. Enigma3 Says:


    Forget the ankle – you did’nt drop the camera did you? Just kidding of course. Keep the ice comming.

  5. Oscar Says:

    You hang with perty people!

    Nice toe shot – Might copy it and hang it over my mantle.

    Oh Toe- footie Toe- Footie!

    Good thing you didn’t break your B_tt!
    your blog would be R rated!

    You do keep us busy and worried. butthen again thats what friends are for.


  6. well…you know I think you should sue them, but since you wont, I will be dining there shortly and I will make sure to walk in your exact steps!!

  7. Mike Palmer Says:

    my goodness Jen – a tumble in public – hope your running and gunning soon –

  8. JRP Says:

    Thanks for all of the well wishes Mom, Heather, and Mike

    Sue & Wolf…I didn’t have my “good” camera with me…just the point and shoot which was tucked away in my pocketbook because we were on our way out the door of the restaurant. The only thing that broke was my ego from embarrassment. 😦

    Oscar – you’re a nut. Did I tell you that lately?

    Mealeah – I’ll give you directions! LOL! But I bet if we went back they’d have a big fat yellow stripe going across the step now!!

  9. Ferrell Says:

    Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your ankle. I just got off the phone with my daughter (21) that got a hairline fracture to her ankle this past weekend. Her accident happened when she was line dancing – something she doesn’t do often. The guy next to her went right when he should have gone left and her foot landed on his and she did a face plant right in the middle of the dance floor. It was a singles thing she went to and she ended up getting a ride home with a guy that she works with. Turns out his mother is a orthopedic surgeon, what luck.

    Her ankle is swollen, his mom did an x-ray and saw a hairline fracture so she’s doing crutches for a little while.

    Wish you all the luck with a speedy recovery.


  10. JRP Says:

    Thanks Ferrell – you’re the 2nd person to tell me that someone hurt their ankle this weekend besides me! Crazy coincidence!

    Thanks for stopping my way to visit my blog. I can’t wait to get back to my regular blogging soon!

  11. Tiffany Says:

    poor tiny foot

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