Beautiful Bond

Below you’ll find some of my favorite edits of EJ’s session all photographed with the Nikon 50mm 1.4.

Who wouldn’t love to capture the bond between a new mother and her precious baby?

This is one of my closest friends (since grade 2) and I feel very honored that I get to capture her baby (and their bond) as he grows through the years as their personal photographer. 🙂

I love the texture so much on this one. I think it’s one of my TOP favorite textures that I’ve done.

Since I loved this texture I decided to apply another conversion over it to get this result. I love this as well!!

This one is just BEAUTIFUL. Don’t I have such a beautiful friend??

Talk about beautiful eyes on mom & baby!

I thought this looked like a nice moment for an antique finish.

More texture! Love it!

And a brown-tined conversion for the version above.

How about a black & white conversion?

Such an adorable moment!


Look at that little face!

And just a cute one in the stroller to show off those BIG BLUE EYES!


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Bond

  1. ah…Jen. You’ve outdone yourself. Mom and baby will be loving these shots for years to come!

    I’m now making it my nightly ritual before going to bed to check out your daily posts. This was a tender and loving one.

    Thanks girl!

  2. A proud glowing MOM and an adorable baby. Jen, you just steal thier eyes and place them in a photo. How do you do it?

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