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Tara & Adam’s Rehearsal Dinner June 28, 2008

My beautiful friends Tara & Adam asked me if I’d photograph their wedding rehearsal dinner for them. Of course I answered yes immediately! Even with my bum ankle/foot I couldn’t say no!

They had the dinner at La Nonna Pianocone’s Cafe in Bradley Beach and the room that party was in was fantastic. The food was great too!

Tara and Adam have two wonderful families and I enjoyed spending the evening with them all.

Tara and Adam were glowing with happiness.

They prepared a wonderful slideshow with photos of their family & friends throughout their lives which everyone really enjoyed watching and giggling at all of the memories.

Such a wonderful group of family and friends

Tara and Emily…my two buds from the college sorority days!

Yay D Phi E! LOL!!

I tried to coax Tara’s dad to tell one of his good jokes!

Tara’s dad said a few nice words at the end of the dinner…

Tara and her sister Bridgette – her maid of honor.

Adam and his brother Jeff – Best Man.

It was a wonderful night filled with love, laughter and joy

And we got Adam to take one of Tara and I before we left:

Looking forward to the wedding tomorrow!

I know I will be taking hundreds upon hundreds of photos!!


6 Responses to “Tara & Adam’s Rehearsal Dinner”

  1. Sue Says:

    You certainly have captured the warmth and love of a beautiful event. Love the first shot; the Tara and Emily shot; and the last shot. Great series.

  2. Julie Says:

    Oh Jen… did wonderful!!!!!! These are great, :o)

  3. what a great event to remember. It does feel like a loving time through the photos.


    Good luck at the wedding, take breaks to rest your foot!

  4. Banjo Bob Says:

    Jen I hope your ankle is recovering and the pain is going away. Your NYC shots are EXCEPTIONAL. I was there last week but didn’t take anything as nice as those. I’m jealous!! How do you do those shots? Are you using photomatix and tonemapping a single photo?

  5. JRP Says:

    Thanks for your comments all. I had such a nice time at the rehearsal….such a wonderful group of people to share the evening with.

    I finished editing them all and I’m looking forward to the bride and groom coming home from their honeymoon and seeing them all.

    BanjoBob – the ankle is in a bit more pain after a long wedding weekend but it was told that this sprain will take a few weeks to heal…i probably set myself back a bit with all the running around but it was worth it. Thank you for your compliments on the NYC photos I used Photomatrix and tonemapped the single RAW file.

  6. Oscar Says:

    Another fun occasion! you’re a busy girl! as always, great shots. Hope you had some other shots at that bar!

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