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Trying New Ways To Process Images July 30, 2008

Do you ever find yourself doing something mundane when all of a sudden a photography technique idea pops into your head?  I love when that happens.  My photographer friend has been talking a lot recently about finding NEW ways to process images that is totally different.  I think he has a unique style all to his own already but sometimes you just want to reinvent yourself, I guess.

I like the idea of finding something NEW or finding YOUR OWN STYLE but that’s a really tough thing to invent something out of the blue.

It seems we end up using techniques that are the latest & greatest or we take ideas from other photographers and see if we are able emulate them and put our own spin on them.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to find your niche…your own perfect style.  With that all being said I find myself trying to think of a new way to process a photo with the available techniques that are out there but change it up a little.

Tonight I used my friend as inspiration.  I wanted a darker “darker” & “grittier” way of processing “just because that’s what I was I was in the mood for.”

I couldn’t tell you if this is how others create a darker/grittier style for their photos but the idea of how I wanted to re-process this came to me so I went with it.  I tried something similar before but never liked the look of it and with tonight’s idea added to the process I was able to come up with something I really do like.

The style may not be for everyone but it was really what I was hoping to achieve today!



(click to view larger)


Quotes…A Little Added “Something”

I love a good quote with a photo.

I don’t get time, often enough, to put them together.  Lately I’ve been trying a little bit more but I don’t always share them here.

I’ve been inspired to do so even more after seeing Sue Henry’s latest creations on her blog: (

In particular I was moved by the following 2 Sue posted recently….



So for tonight’s blog post…2 photos you’ve alreade seen…but with quotes added.

I love the first one by Lady Bird Johnson in particular.

Who doesn’t need a little “HOPE” in their life?  I sure do…


MAGICAL July 29, 2008

I decided that it’s going to be really really hard for me to narrow down “favorites” from this session I did at the park this past (burning hot) Friday that I had off from work.

Hats off to those of you that have a knack for showing a few or one favorite from the day.  I just haven’t mastered that yet and I’m not sure I ever will. So, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing MANY (twenty) photos from the day that I looooooooove!

I cannot express in words how much abstract macro photos move me. When I saw these on the computer when I got home I was pretty much breathless as the results the 105mm VR produces.  I love the DOF this lens provides.

The word that kept coming to my mind when I saw some of these was MAGICAL. That’s all I kept saying…and I don’t know why they move me so much but they do! I truly love this particular art form (Abstract).

Maybe it’s because I come from a past of doing a lot of drawing and painting (when I was much younger) that I see the magic they possess.

I will warn you that some are WAY OUT THERE ABSTRACT with only the tiniest little edge in focus! (Just how I like ’em!)


Click the landscape orientation photos to view larger!





















I’ll love you forever if you take a moment to view the entire gallery by clicking HERE.

If you feel inclined to do so…you can leave a comment on any photo that “moves you” right on my website under the photo.

Or if you’d like to view a slide show of my abstract/macro flower gallery click HERE.



Congrats to L & N – Dancing At Disney! July 28, 2008

This is just a little something I wanted to share because I love the families I’ve had the pleasure to work with for my budding photography business!

Mr & Mrs “S.” (featured back in April for their daughter’s communion party) had the wonderful experience of having both of their girls dance on stage in Disney World through their dance classes at American Dance Studios in Fanwood & Westfield, NJ.

Mrs. “S” shared this photo with me of the girls on their Disney Adventure and I thought I’d highlight it here:

Here they are back in April at the Communion Party:

CONGRATULATIONS L & N on the wonderful opportunity you had!!!


A Mother’s Love

I went to the rose garden on my day off Friday and got some wonderful abstract macros but I’m not ready to share them yet… hopefully tomorrow I can.

So, in the mean time I wanted to share this beautiful moment with you all that I edited today:


Christopher’s Birthday in Atlantic City July 26, 2008

Last night we celebrated Jo Ann’s brother Christopher’s birthday in Atlantic City, NJ.

We started at the Borgata where we met Christopher at the poker room, then hung out at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, stopped at the Racebook to play a few horses, and played some penny slots, and walked around the casino.


We were such BIG spenders at the penny slots! I lost a whole $5 and Jo Ann a while $10! Woah!  Call Gamblers Anonymous!

Then we headed over to Harrah’s to their night club.

The night club was so neat.  Click HERE to read more about it.

We got in FREE with VIP passes from Christopher’s friend so that was a huge plus!

When you went inside it was this HUGE structure with a domed glass ceiling, palm trees everywhere and a HUGE pool in the center (with other smaller wading pools all around), as well as private cabanas (for a price $$$) & high top tables to lounge at everywhere.

There was a 2nd floor where you could over look the whole club and an outdoor rooftop area with a 2nd D.J. as well.

Us and the birthday boy…another one of those take-it-yourself pics!

Then the D.J. gave a special birthday shout-out to Christopher which he seemed to enjoy. 🙂

The night club has a great rooftop deck and we went out there for a little bit before we left.  The weather was so great…such a nice breeze on the rooftop and you could see the entire casino tower.


I can’t believe I was in 8th grade and took care of your kindergarten class as lunch time and now your a foot taller than me!

Thanks for inviting me Jo Ann!  I had such a good time!


Let Me Count the Ways July 25, 2008

Oh fifty!  How I love thee…Let me Count the Ways!

I’m in love…

With the 50mm 1.4!!

Oh how wonderfully sharp this lens is.

In poor lighting…it’s still great!

It’s small, lightweight & compact (gives my soon-to-have-carpel-tunnel-syndrome-wrist a break)

If you don’t have one and you love shooting people…please do yourself a favor and get one!

If you’re not sick of my mugshot yet…here are some of me a la 50mm!

If you’re doing self portraits try something new.

Put your camera on the tripod on the shortest tripod setting and place your camera facing up into the sky for a nice bright backdrop over head.

Don’t forget to smile for some of the photos!

Thought I composite would be fun here:

And I couldn’t help a do a textured version…this one is a little different!

While i was outside my best friend kept me company…

He’s a short guy with 4 legs, a tail, and a big heart — LUCAS!

He wanted his portraits taken with the 50mm, as well, so I obliged!

He enjoys the side profile rather than straight on…

My little friend is 5 years old…and he this year his beard turned gray.

I treasure all of the time I have with him.

I published a couple other posts today….

…take a look below.