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Shed A Tear…First Dance July 7, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever shed a tear over one of my own photos but when I saw this particular photo of Tara and Adam last night something about it made me well up a little.

And the truth about the photo is that the flash didn’t fire when I took it (it was tired at that point and needed a little nap).

Being resourceful, I decided I would lighten the heck out of the curves in photoshop and see what I could do to make it usable.  After I lightened it I converted it to B&W and added a ton of grain!  Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say “make it work” so I “made it work.”

To get a better idea of what the photo really looks like click HERE to see a really large version.

There were so many more great moments in the over 1400 photos that I took but for some reason in today’s blog post I’m focused all on the first dance.  I guess it’s the emotion I was able to see and feel from the couple that makes me want to highlight the photos.

I love how his hand is on her back..

And a little texture…

I love how Adam looks at Tara here…

…and how they look at each other here:

And I did a little bit of a film looking effect for this (SX-70)

A “tea stained” look for this one:

And this is to die for…it was like they were alone in a room full of strangers…

…and a similar moment to the one above with texture:

As the dance ended…

What a moment…what a couple!


8 Responses to “Shed A Tear…First Dance”

  1. the one of them looking at each other gets me teary…you did a wonderful job. I’ve said that before, but Jen…their wedding day was so carefully documented by you. I love how you got each moment in. I so want you to move to Cali and team up with me! What’s stopping you???


  2. julielawsonphotography Says:

    These are amazing!!!! I can’t believe you are done with all those pics already. Way to work it!!

  3. suehenryphotography Says:

    Sigh. Beautiful. Emotional. Loving. Sensual. The images are beyond words. Sigh. Long, long sigh.

  4. Oscar Says:

    Jen – Pure gold. You have a knack for caqpturing passion!

  5. Mike Palmer Says:

    Some perfect moments in time here Jen –


  6. OMG. These two really LOVE each other. Aww…

  7. Enigma3 Says:


    Nice capture of emotions here. The second to last one is my favorite. Nice use of texture.

  8. effiemay Says:

    W O W !!! You’ve really captured something very special in these shots.

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