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Yes. I’m Silly. I admit it. July 9, 2008

Well, it started off with me wanting a photo of myself with my camera for my blog…

Here I am with my “gun.”

Yup…the camera has it’s own title…it’s called The Gun”

(at least when I shoot you it doesn’t hurt 😀 )

Then I went to a different mirror and started to get silly…I can’t help myself. 

If there was someone else here I would have gladly taken their photos but all I have is me!! LOL 😀

So…eventually this was created…I could go on forever telling you how much I loved it and how pleased I am with how it turned out but I won’t since it’s a photo of myself and I wouldn’t want you all to think I was conceited!! LOL! 😀


Turns out the “The Gun” and I had ourselves a big ‘ol photo shoot.

This action is called Urban Acid Lomo Cross Processed.

In case you don’t like Urban Acid Lomo Cross Processed the original can be found HERE.

Other dorky outtakes…this looks like I’m trying to make my own Nikon infomercial advertisement! LOL!

“Have you tried yourself a Nikon lately?”

(yes…I know…only I would be this nerdy when you get me going…what can I say…I’m just that kinda girl?!?!).

And I have no idea where this one came in…but it did.


(can’t you see the love on my face? LOL)

That’s all the silliness I’m willing to share with you tonight!


12 Responses to “Yes. I’m Silly. I admit it.”

  1. My favorite is the Urban Acid and you are too cute doing all these self portraits with “the gun”! Love em.

  2. dino Says:

    A nice camera on the hands of an even nicer lady = poetry of images 🙂

    ps: i love the 2nd pic

  3. profiphotos Says:

    I know you think it’s cheesy but I like the one that looks like you’re selling Nikon. Gave me a good laugh. Thanks.


  4. Sue Says:

    Urban Acid! Gotta love it!

    Psst….It’s always a treat when you get bored. Never know what you’ll come up with.

  5. Darlene Says:

    You were all too kind. I think your a goof, but it’s when your bored and experiment that your best work will come out, Sis

  6. JRP Says:

    *Oooops, correction…the action was Lomo Cross Processed…I fixed my mistake above!

    Thx Heahter 🙂

    Dino – thanks for visiting my blog! Stop back anytime.

    profiphotos – glad to give you a chuckle! I was laughing myself when I took them 🙂

    Sue – Why thank you! 🙂 I get bored a lot! LOL

    Darlene – who you callin’ a goof! It’s “silly” to you! LOL 😀 Thanks for commenting!!

  7. Oscar Says:

    3 Pretty Eyes! You’ve come a long way Jen. Remember your first self portraits?

    I like Silly. It makes life fun. From a sillier guy, Keep being a silly girl!

  8. Enigma3 Says:


    I never thought I’d say this but…
    I love the way you shot yourself with your gun.

  9. leeland Says:

    one word- FUN!

    thrilled to see you smiling and being silly!

  10. I am dying over these! I love them. All of them.

    The next time you feel like a photoshoot call me!

  11. Mike Palmer Says:

    Good to talk to you last night… I really do like that 2nd one = )

  12. Jonathan Says:

    Excellent photos. I love the texture effects you’re into at the moment. It’s always interesting to see the original photos too – to see how they were used.

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